3 Zombie Stocks Back from the Dead

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Being from western Pennsylvania, I am quite familiar with the whole idea of zombies. One of the great cult horror film classics, directed by the late George Romero, was the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead.

The story centered on seven people trapped in a rural western Pennsylvania farmhouse that are attacked by a growing number of “living dead” monsters – zombies. Much of Night of the Living Dead was filmed just miles from my home.

The takeaway from the film is that you want to stay away from zombies. But that strategy does not work all the time when we are talking about ‘stock market zombies’ – companies left for dead by Wall Street and abandoned by shareholders. Sometimes these companies come back to life, offering you juicy profit opportunities, if you’re not scared off by Wall Street telling you to stay away.

I want to tell you now about three such zombie companies in the technology sector that seem to coming back to life after Wall Street had administered the last rites.

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