3 Stocks Making Industry Great Again

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3 Stocks Making Industry Great Again


There is no subject I’ve shared with you more than the ongoing global economic recovery. Nearly every corner of the globe is enjoying economic growth – the first such synchronized period since before the global economic crisis of 2008-09.

Thanks to global growth and the loosening of regulation by the Trump Administration, many of America’s industrial companies (and its workers) are enjoying a renaissance. For example, in September, U.S. manufacturing expanded at its fastest pace in 13 years as measured by the Institute for Supply Management’s factory index.

The trend showing strength in American manufacturing is likely to continue since a gauge of customer inventories remains near six-year lows. And the order backlog index remains near the September figure, which was the highest level since April 2011.

That’s good news for workers, who have already felt the effects of the rebound. In the past year, more than 156,000 workers have found employment in U.S. manufacturing. That’s a sharp contrast from the final year of the Obama Administration when 16,000 manufacturing jobs were lost.

This confluence of factors is what makes the industrial sector my second-favorite sector for 2018, trailing only technology, and these three stocks in particular have a lot of upside.

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