Markets struggle for direction amidst energy sector concerns and geopolitical worries.

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By Vlad Karpel


Technology shares are recovering from recent pullbacks, and broader index movements were mostly flat without any sharp swings in either direction. There were slides in the energy sector due to slipping oil prices and uncertainty around details of the OPEC deal.

The investigation into Russian meddling in the U.S. election had produced two more potential events that may impact markets. There are reports that further charges may be made against Trump aides and campaign officials, as well as a possible subpoena of records from Deutsche Bank in connection to the investigation. The latter, which has yet to be completely verified, would indicate a crossing of a ‘red line’ that President Trump had set in regards to his finances. Depending on the reaction from the White House, these events may hinder future legislative efforts such as an infrastructure bill or further deregulation.  

At the time of publication, the DJIA is down 0.11%, or 26.60 points, at 24,154. The S&P 500 is trading at 2,628- down 0.07% from the open. The Nasdaq-100 is up 0.04% at 6,764

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