This Surprise Stock Could Make You Big Bucks

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This Surprise Stock Could Make You Big Bucks


It’s no secret that options are often the investment vehicle of choice for “smart money” traders.  Big funds and trading firms regularly use options to establish their biggest positions – sometimes in conjunction with stock holdings, other times just using options.  It’s especially true for the most heavily traded ETFs and stocks.

Less often, you’ll see big money trades occur in low-activity options chains.  Stocks that don’t have very active options chains tend to have wider bid/ask spreads and aren’t nearly as liquid as the active options products.

If you scan the biggest options trades from any given day, you’ll see a lot of familiar names.  There will be the heaviest traded index ETFs and volatility ETFs.  There are also usually some of the big tech names near the top.  It’s relatively rare to see a name on the list that’s unrecognizable by most investors.



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