Buy These 3 Stocks to Soar Thanks to China’s Hunger for Clean Skies

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Buy These 3 Stocks to Soar Thanks to China’s Hunger for Clean Skies


One of the main messages I give you in my articles is that you have to pay attention to global events to find the best investment opportunities before Wall Street does.

Another great example of that occurred in March at China’s annual parliamentary meeting. The one main takeaway from that meeting could be summed up by one sentence that was repeated again and again at the meeting – “We will make our skies blue again.”

The Chinese are (finally) very serious about curbing the rampant pollution in their country. This has boosted industrial metals prices globally as China curbs output of aluminum and steel in the country.

And China has cut back on the use of coal for both power and heating purposes. As a substitute for coal, the Chinese government is placing a major emphasis on natural gas.

Therein lies the opportunity…

China’s LNG Imports

While China does produce some of its own natural gas and imports more gas from Russia via pipelines, the all-of-a-sudden big increase in natural gas demand has had almost immediate effects.

In early December, that demand pushed LNG (liquified natural gas) prices in Asia to a three-year high, 20% higher than a year ago – and up 80% from the 2017 low – at above $10 per million BTU. According to energy consultants Wood Mackenzie, import volumes of LNG were 48% higher in the first ten months of 2017. This follows a 25% jump the year before.

A cold winter in northern China raised demand even more and made authorities desperate to meet the need. In December, Chinese oil company CNOOC (NYSE: CEO) was forced to hire over 100 LNG-carrying trucks to bring LNG over 1,300 miles from the south of China, where the LNG import facilities are, to the northern parts of the country where the cold of winter was biting hard.


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