High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy Before the Next Correction

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High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy Before the Next Correction


At least several times a week, I get a note from a newsletter subscriber or other investor who has heard a stock market correction or bear market is coming soon. The next statement is that the investor either plans to sell his stocks until prices drop or wait for the prices to drop before buying into any stocks. Like many commonly held beliefs about investing in stocks, this is one that is likely to cost the investor a lot of money.

Here are a couple of reasons why selling to avoid a market correction or waiting for one to buy will cost an investor money.

Reason 1: No matter what you see or read in the financial news, the next bear market does not appear to be imminent. The main reason to forecast an approaching bear market is because it has been almost nine years since the end of the last one. This logic doesn’t work because bear markets do not follow a calendar. Ten of the last 12 bears have been associated with an economic recession. The current economy gives zero indication that the next recession is on the horizon. History tells us that the economy will at some point go to negative growth, but currently there are none of the usual indicators for a pending economic downturn.

A stock market bear market is arbitrarily defined as a 20% decline from the most recent high. While the last decline of this magnitude occurred in 2008-2009, there have been several “near bear” corrections since then. Here are the three significant corrections that occurred during the current bull market:



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