3 High-Yield Stocks to Buy Trending on 2018’s Economic Drivers

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3 High-Yield Stocks to Buy Trending on 2018’s Economic Drivers


When a new year starts it is common for investors and even financial experts to take what happened last year and extrapolate those results into their expectations for the new year. It’s human nature to view events as linear, when the reality is that they move in cycles.

2017 was the year of tech stocks, and an overall upward trend in stock values that never took a break.

2018 started off with stocks continuing to “melt up” as the financial news talking heads like to say. Another theme is that there will be a stock market correction in 2018, which means a 10% or greater decline in the market averages. It is impossible to predict when the next correction will occur, but I do expect that investors who have not felt the pain of a steep decline to act irrationally. The result could be very steep drops in popular, low profit, non-dividend paying 


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