Companies Working to Destroy the Blockchain

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3 Companies Working to Destroy the Blockchain


It pays sometimes to listen what comes out of the annual meeting of the world’s elite at Davos, Switzerland. This year was a prime example.

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), gave the stark warning that the world is rapidly “running out of computing capacity”. He added that Moore’s Law – the maxim that the power of computer chips doubles every two years – is “rapidly running out of steam.”

Nadella said the problems the world faces today need superfast quantum computers to solve them. As the head of the company’s quantum computing team, Todd Holmdahl, said to the Financial Times, “We have an opportunity to solve a set of problems that couldn’t be solved before. On a classical computer, they would take the life of the universe to solve.”

This is breakthrough technology that will change our world, making quantum computing (a subject I’ve touched on previously) a topic worth revisiting.


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