How to Get Your Cut of Apple’s Money Coming Back to the US

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How to Get Your Cut of Apple’s Money Coming Back to the US



Financial risks can seemingly come out of nowhere. Think about how many on Wall Street were caught off guard by the 2008-09 financial crisis or even the volatility of a few weeks ago. Yet the potential risk emanating from the packaging of bad mortgages was in plain sight, but ignored.

Today, there is another financial risk lurking in plain sight. It lies in the vast overseas holdings of technology giants like AppleAlphabetMicrosoft and many others. I discussed this topic to my subscribers in the October issue of Growth Stock Advisor. But since there is so much misunderstanding about the roughly $1 trillion (or possibly as high as $2 trillion) in funds held overseas by U.S. multinationals, I wanted to clear it up for you.

I know there is much misunderstanding about this subject just from gleaning the comments section on several recent articles published by The Wall Street Journal. Apparently, Americans are under the impression that this $1 trillion is just sitting in bank accounts overseas and that both the overseas banks and host countries don’t want to lose control of this money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let me explain…

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