Here's How to Generate 425% Returns on Higher Interest Rates

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Here’s How to Generate 425% Returns on Higher Interest Rates


This week, we get the next installment of the FOMC meeting – the big Fed meeting where they decide what to do with interest rates.  The meetings are a bit more interesting these days since rates are going up and some sort of definitive actions tends to take place.

Keep in mind, we had several years where the only thing investors were concerned about is what the Fed was doing with QE (Quantitative Easing).  Interest rates weren’t even in the picture at that point.  These days, we’re back to some level of normalcy, with rates slowly heading higher.

The market is expecting the Fed to raise rates by a quarter point.  According to the CME’s Fed Fund Futures, there’s about a 90% probability of it happening. That part isn’t really what investors will be focused on.

Instead, it’s what the Fed says about the economy and inflation that will really be the primary focus of the market.  Of course, inflation concerns are a big part of why we had the early February selloff.  It’s not entirely out the question that the Fed says something which will subsequently send stocks much lower (or much higher).


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