Follow the Smart Money to Earn 300% Profits on a Utility

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Follow the Smart Money to Earn 300% Profits on a Utility


Earlier this week I had the opportunity to give a couple presentations at the Las Vegas MoneyShow. If you aren’t familiar, the MoneyShow is a very popular conference held all over the country where you can learn about all types of investing and meet with all sorts of investment professionals. As you may imagine, the Las Vegas show is one of the most heavily attended.

Of course, my talks were all about options and I was extremely impressed at just how many people came to my sessions. The reason I was surprised is that I still think of options as a more of a niche investment product, perhaps not for everyone. I tend to the think that investors can get turned off by the initial complexity of options trading.

However, my own views are quite obviously antiquated. Judging by the crowd sizes and the savviness of the questions I was asked, options have definitely become part of many traders’ repertoires. As a 20-year options trading professional, I am extremely excited to see how many people are interested in learning and using options.

One topic I brought up in one of my talks was how I like to look at options block trades frequently to see what the smart money is doing. In fact, several attendees asked me about this subject. If you read my articles regularly, you know that I like to call out big options trades and either recommend doing the same trades or finding alternative ways of utilizing the trading strategies.