Profit From This One Stock As Fresh Water Becomes Scarce

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Back in April, I shared with you about the growing problem facing humanity in many places around the world – the growing scarcity of water, which is the foundation upon which our very civilization is built.

Conditions are still very bad, making water even more of a no-brainer sector for some of your investment money. Let me fill you in on what has happened since my last article on water.

First, there was new satellite data on freshwater reserves from NASA that revealed dozens of regions across the globe are in danger of becoming the next Cape Town. If you’ll recall, I told you about the South African city of nearly four million residents that was in danger this year of becoming the first of the world’s big cities to run out of water. It had to impose severe water-saving measures to avert “Day Zero”… more on that situation in a moment.

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Research from scientists at NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory shows that worldwide fresh water reserves have changed drastically since 2002. The decline in water availability in regions such as northern India, north-east China, the Caspian Sea and across the Middle East has been blamed mainly on irrigation and groundwater pumping.

The study was the first to use gravitational satellite data to map global trends in fresh water availability across a 14-year period, drawing on data from NASA’s Grace satellites. The research identified areas where water resources rose or fell significantly during the period, and it found 14 regions where changes were primarily due to human activity, compared with eight regions where the changes were mainly caused by climate. As Jay Famiglietti, one of the study’s authors, noted “Fresh water availability is changing and water insecurity is much closer than we think.”