3 “Screaming Buy” Dividend Stocks from the San Francisco MoneyShow

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Last week at the San Francisco MoneyShow I did a joint, dividend stock focused presentation with Kelley Wright of Investment Quality Trends. Here is an excerpt from the MoneyShow description of the event:

“Dividends and dividend growth have historically accounted for the lion’s share of stock total returns. Moreover, companies that are rapidly growing their payouts can be found in some of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy. This gives rise to a largely underutilized strategy: ‘Stealth growth’ investing, which centers around buying quality stocks with a penchant for dividend growth.”

IQ Trends method tracks stocks between historic yields. Buy when the yield is near the high of the range and sell when the yield touches the low of the historic range. Each stock will have its own yield history. This is a very value oriented stock market strategy and the stocks he follow can go for years without hitting a buy or sell signal. The strategy works because the service only recommends growing dividends stocks. This means as the dividend grows and if the share price stays in the historic yield range, the share price must be appreciating.

While he didn’t go deeply into individual stocks Wright did give some quick hits on shares his system shows as undervalued. Here are several:

The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) has a historic yield range of 0.8% to 1.6%. The current yield is 1.5%, which under the IQ Trends system is a strong indicator that DIS is undervalued and should move higher from here.

Wright labeled CVS Health Corporation (NYSE: CVS)and Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE: PM) as “screaming buys”. He also discussed his belief in the large cap energy companies stating he owned a “boatload” of Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM) and Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX).

I personally like the contrarian value approach of Wright and his IQ Trends approach. He and I both use dividend yields and dividend growth as tools to help us find stocks that provide long term positive returns .