3 Recession Proof High-Yield Dividend Stocks

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As the stock market indexes continue with history’s longest bull market, investors are becoming concerned that the bull is on its last legs and they need to start preparing for the next bear market. I am not predicting the end of the bull market. Nobody can. What you can do is start to add stocks to your portfolio that are more resistant to economic recession and stock market bear markets.

It’s important to understand that a stock market bear market will take down the value of all stocks, with very few exceptions. The companies you want to own are the ones whose businesses will continue to operate, generate strong revenue, and grow through a recession or bear market. These companies can continue to pay dividends and the share prices will recover after the down turn. You as an income focused investor continue to collect dividends while other investors worry about how they are going to recover from their losses.

Our search for recession/bear market resistant dividend stocks focuses on the business operations. We want companies whose operations should at least stay level and hopefully thrive in all economic conditions. These will be more conservative income stocks, with the trade off of lower current yields. Here are three for your further research.