Buy These 3 Growth Stocks on Robinhood and Pay NO Commission

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As editor of Growth Stock Advisor, I’m always on the lookout for disruptors… trends that will change forever the way things are done. And of course, the companies that are at the forefront of the disruption and that will benefit from it.

One such disruption is occurring right now in my former field of employment – the brokerage industry and commission-free trading. It is perhaps apropos that the first disruptor in the sector is a company called Robinhood, which sent shockwaves through the brokerage industry in 2015 when it launched, offering free stock trades.

Robinhood (and others) to the Rescue with Zero Commissions

And like the hero of English folklore, this stock-trading app was designed to support the little guy by providing commission-free trading to individual investors. “We didn’t build Robinhood to make the rich people richer,” says Baiju Bhatt, co-founder and co-chief executive, to the Financial Times, “If they think it is useful that is wonderful, but the mission is to help the everyman, the rest of us, to be part of the financial system.”

The company is still growing rapidly. It added about 3 million accounts over the past year, bringing its total number of customers to 5 million, which is more than twice the big three incumbent discount brokerage firms combined. It remains the only venue that offers trading on stocks, cryptocurrencies and options all in one place.