Buy These 3 High-Yield Stocks to Protect Yourself From the Next Recession

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The prediction drums of the financial news media continue to grow in volume with predictions of the next economic recession and possible stock bear market. You are probably starting to wonder if these predictions are accurate and if you should make changes in your investment portfolio.

The fact is the economy will go into a recession at some point. The growth and recession cycle of the economy remains intact. The challenge is that no one can accurately predict when the next recession will arrive. You can help your portfolio for when the next downturn will hit with some defensive stock picks.

Keep in mind that a recession is a period of negative economic growth. It is not an economic collapse. Many companies will continue to do well through the downturn. The companies and stocks at risk are those dependent on either strong economic growth or have high debt loads that will crush profits if a company experiences even a minor slowdown in revenue.

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An economic recession will likely trigger a bear market in the stock market. You can’t avoid a stock portfolio value drawdown, but you want to own shares of companies that will not be negatively affected by the slower economy. Earning dividends through a market drop and recovery helps you come out of the next recession ahead of the game.

I personally think we are two to three years or longer out from the next economic slowdown. I could be wrong. If you believe the next recession is right around the corner, or out in the more distant future, it would not hurt to have some dividend paying, recession resistant investments in your portfolio. Here are three to consider.

When the economy runs into trouble, it most effects individuals who can lose jobs, see pay cuts, or even not be able to make house payments. Young workers may move back in with their parents. These individual problems are good for the local self-storage locations.