Altisource Asset Mgmt Co





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Stock Price
Open: 63.53
Prev. Close: 63.10
Low/Hi: 63.53 - 65.05
52-Week: 55.00 - 116.00
Equity: 822
90-Day Avg: 1,105
Todays Stock Vol: 39.1
20-Day (HV): 68.3
52-Week (HV): 85.7
Div. Yield:
Earnings: 8-Aug (Est.)
P/E Ratio:
Market Cap: 101.7 M
Short Int Pct: 2.5%
Pct Held By Inst.: 47.9%
Stock Info
Type: Common
Sector: Financial
Industry: Asset Management

AAMC Dividend Distributions


A list of both the upcoming and historical dividends (distributions) for AAMC, if available. Projected dividends are based on past trends and announcements made by the company. The graph displays a choice of historical dividend amounts, or a trailing twelve month yield, with ability to compare to other companies.

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Dividends By Year
Year # Dividends Total Amount % Chg From Prev Year
2017 -- -- --
2016 -- -- --
2015 -- -- --

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Future Dividends
Ex Date Record Date Pay Date Status Special Amount Note
Historical Dividends
Ex Date Record Date Pay Date Special Amount Note % Change
From Prev
% Change
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12 Months

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