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Apollo Senior Floating Rate (AFT) Frequently Asked Questions

What does Apollo Senior Floating Rate do?

AFT’s investment objective is to seek current income and preservation of capital. AFT will seek to achieve its investment objective by investing primarily in senior, secured loans made to companies whose debt is rated below investment grade (“Senior Loans”) and investments with similar characteristics. Senior Loans typically hold a first lien priority and pay interest at rates that are determined periodically on the basis of a floating base lending rate plus a spread. These base lending rates are primarily the London Interbank Offered Rate (“LIBOR”), and secondarily the prime rate offered by one or more major United States banks and the certificate of deposit rate used by commercial lenders. Senior Loans are typically made to U.S. and, to a limited extent, non-U.S. corporations, partnerships and other business entities (“Borrower(s)”) that operate in various industries and geographical regions. AFT seeks to generate current income and preservation of capital through a disciplined approach to credit selection and under normal market conditions will invest at least 80% of its managed assets in floating rate Senior Loans and investments with similar economic characteristics. This policy and AFT’s investment objective are not fundamental and may be changed by the board of directors of AFT with at least 60 days’ prior written notice provided to shareholders. Part of AFT’s investment objective is to seek preservation of capital. AFT’s ability to achieve capital preservation may be limited by its investment in credit instruments that have speculative characteristics. There can be no assurance that AFT will achieve its investment objective.

What symbol and exchange does Apollo Senior Floating Rate stock trade?

Apollo Senior Floating Rate trades on the NYSE stock market under the symbol AFT.

What is Apollo Senior Floating Rate stock price doing today?

As of March 24, 2023, AFT stock price declined to $12.32 with 67,813 million shares trading.

What is Apollo Senior Floating Rate's Beta?

AFT has a beta of 0.30, meaning it tends to be less sensitive to market movements. AFT has a correlation of 0.22 to the broad based SPY ETF.

How much is Apollo Senior Floating Rate worth?

AFT has a market cap of $0.00. This is considered a Sub-Micro Cap stock.

What is the highest and lowest price Apollo Senior Floating Rate traded in the last 3 year period?

In the last 3 years, AFT stock traded as high as $17.20 and as low as $10.00.

Is Apollo Senior Floating Rate (AFT) a good investment?

AFT has outperformed the market in the last year with a return of -5.7%, while the SPY ETF lost -10.7%. However, in the most recent history, AFT shares have underperformed the stock market with its stock returning +2.5% in the last 3 month period and -1.9% for the last 2 week period, while SPY has returned +3.7% and +2.9%, respectively.

What is the support and resistance for Apollo Senior Floating Rate (AFT) stock price?

AFT support price is $12.30 and resistance is $12.54 (based on 1 day standard deviation move). This means that using the most recent 20 day stock volatility and applying a one standard deviation move around the stock's closing price, stastically there is a 67% probability that AFT stock will trade within this expected range on the day.