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About Opening Auction

The opening auction trade is a mechanism used to determine the opening price of a stock on a stock exchange. It is a process that takes place at the beginning of each trading day, and it involves matching buy and sell orders to determine the opening price of a stock.

During the opening auction trade, buy and sell orders are collected and matched based on their respective prices and quantities. The opening price of the stock is then set based on the price at which the highest number of shares can be traded.

The opening auction trade is important because it helps establish the opening price for a stock, which can set the tone for the rest of the trading day. The opening price can also be an important reference point for investors and traders, as it can be used to assess the performance of a stock over the course of the trading day.

In addition, the opening auction trade helps to ensure that the opening price is determined in a fair and transparent manner, as all buy and sell orders are collected and matched based on pre-established rules and procedures. This helps to promote market efficiency and fairness, which is important for maintaining investor confidence in the stock market. The opening auction is a crucial event as it provides the first indication of how traders who are unable to trade in the premarket, such as retail investors and passive traders, are reacting to a stock. Their orders are queued up on the specialist book and matched up at the opening, so any significant imbalance in supply and demand can cause the stock to move up or down from its previous close.

Moreover, certain forced orders can also be executed during the opening auction. For example, if an account needs to be liquidated due to a margin call or a short position needs to be covered, the clearing firm may send a liquidating order at the opening price. This can impact the stock's price movement as well.

Overall, the opening auction is important as it helps establish the initial price of a stock and provides an early indication of market sentiment, which can influence investor decisions for the rest of the trading day.

Large opening volume prints can serve as a crucial indicator of the market sentiment and investor behavior. A surge in volume at the opening auction could signify a potential shift in market dynamics, driven by intense emotions or other factors such as margin calls or short covering. Therefore, investors should pay close attention to opening prints, as they could provide valuable insights into the market trends and help inform their investment decisions.

AHT-I Opening Cross Trades

Premarket Volume Volume on Open Opening Gap (Abs) Open to Close Drift (Abs)
Premarket Opening Trade
Record Date Premarket Volume Premarket VWAP Premarket Chg
vs. Previous Close
Opening Price Volume on Open Opening Gap Open to Close Drift
26-May-2023 45072 0.00 -100.0%