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Event-Driven Historical Insights

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Earnings Dates

How to Use the Event-Driven Insights Page

The Event-Driven Insights page enables you to see how stock prices and option strategies have historically been impacted by notable events in the market

Select an event from the drop-down above. The events could be specific to this symbol or market-wide economic indicators:

Price-Driven Events: The 12 largest one-day gains in the stock; the 12 largest one-day losses; 12 largest positive or negative opening gaps

Company Specific Events: Most recent ex-dividend dates; Company events, meetings, or conferences

Market Economic Reports: Federal Reserve FOMC Meetings; GDP Report; Consumer Price Index; Retail Sales Report; Housing Numbers; Employment Numbers; & more

Exchange Holidays: New Year's, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. -- how does trading react around major U.S. exchange holidays?

Often, earnings dates will have significant impact on trading, both in stocks and options. We've given you the flexibility of excluding these dates if you'd like to see whether the patterns hold on non-earnings dates

Stock Price Patterns

We analyze up to the last 12 matching events within the last 3 years to see if there are any common patterns in trading

For events that are known ahead of time, like ex-dividends or federal economic announcements, you can see patterns for trading both before and after the event

Unplanned events, like large price changes, only having matching patterns for after the event has occurred

The table shows average results along with the number of negative occurrences and positive occurrences for each time span

Option Strategy Performance

Average returns for common option strategies (25-Delta Call, 25-Delta Put, At-the-money Straddle) are listed at the top of the page

Toggle between strategies for buying options and selling options

In the table, you can view average returns and the number of winning occurrences for each strategy

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