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AKS Dividend Distributions


A list of both the upcoming and historical dividends (distributions) for AKS, if available. Projected dividends are based on past trends and announcements made by the company. The graph displays a choice of historical dividend amounts, or a trailing twelve month yield, with ability to compare to other companies.

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Dividends By Year
Year # Dividends Total Amount % Chg From Prev Year
2017 -- -- --
2016 -- -- --
2015 -- -- --

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Future Dividends
Ex Date Record Date Pay Date Status Special Amount Note
Historical Dividends
Ex Date Record Date Pay Date Special Amount Note % Change
From Prev
% Change
Prev Year
12 Months
11-May-2012 15-May-2012 8-Jun-2012 0.0500 2.84%
8-Feb-2012 10-Feb-2012 9-Mar-2012 0.0500 2.28%
10-Nov-2011 15-Nov-2011 9-Dec-2011 0.0500 2.35%
11-Aug-2011 15-Aug-2011 9-Sep-2011 0.0500 2.41%
11-May-2011 13-May-2011 10-Jun-2011 0.0500 0.99%
9-Feb-2011 11-Feb-2011 10-Mar-2011 0.0500 0.64%
9-Nov-2010 12-Nov-2010 10-Dec-2010 0.0500 0.36%

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