About AMGP

AMGP is a Delaware limited partnership that has elected to be classified as an entity taxable as a corporation for U.S. federal income tax purposes. Holders of AMGP common shares will receive a Form 1099 with respect to distributions received on the common shares. AMGP owns the general partner of Antero Midstream and incentive distribution rights in Antero Midstream.
Primary Exchange: NYSE
SIC Natural Gas Transmission
NAICS Natural Gas Distribution

AMGP is a Holding In These ETFs:

ETF Ticker ETF Name Net Assets Net Assets Raw # Holdings # Holdings Raw Weight Weight Raw Market Value Market Value Raw
VDE Vanguard Energy ETF 3.7 B 3.7E+09 138 138 0.07% 0.00066 2.5 M 2458620

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