About AMJL

The Credit Suisse X-Links Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged Alerian MLP Index ETNs are senior, unsecured debt securities issued by Credit Suisse AG that provide a monthly compounded 2x leveraged long exposure to the price return version of the Alerian MLP Index. The ETNs may pay a variable monthly coupon linked to the net cash distributions, if any, of the Index Constituents. The ETNs are listed on NYSE Arca under the ticker symbol "AMJL". The Alerian MLP Index (the "Index") measures the composite performance of leading energy Master Limited Partnerships that represent approximately 85% of the total energy MLP float-adjusted market capitalization. Alerian, the Index Sponsor, selects the Index Constituents. The Index is calculated using a float-adjusted, capitalization-weighted methodology and its price return version is disseminated real-time under the ticker symbol "AMZ".
Primary Exchange: ARCA

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