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AMLI Stock Summary and Trading Ideas (American Lithium Corp. | NASDAQ:AMLI)

American Lithium Corp. (AMLI) Frequently Asked Questions

What does American Lithium Corp. do?

American Lithium Corp is an exploration-stage company. It is engaged in the development of large-scale lithium projects within mining-friendly jurisdictions throughout the Americas. Its current focus is on developing its strategically located TLC lithium claystone project in the richly mineralized Esmeralda lithium district in Nevada, enabling the shift to a new energy paradigm. In addition, Falchani lithium and Macusani uranium development-stage projects are being advanced in southeastern Peru.

What symbol and exchange does American Lithium Corp. stock trade?

American Lithium Corp. trades on the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol AMLI.

What is American Lithium Corp. stock price doing today?

As of March 20, 2023, AMLI stock price declined to $2.28 with 258,377 million shares trading.

How much is American Lithium Corp. worth?

AMLI has a market cap of $479.69 million. This is considered a Small Cap stock.

What is the support and resistance for American Lithium Corp. (AMLI) stock price?

AMLI support price is $2.27 and resistance is $2.51 (based on 1 day standard deviation move). This means that using the most recent 20 day stock volatility and applying a one standard deviation move around the stock's closing price, stastically there is a 67% probability that AMLI stock will trade within this expected range on the day.