First Defiance Financial Corp.





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Stock Price
Open: 62.11
Prev. Close: 62.13
Low/Hi: 61.33 - 62.11
52-Week: 47.01 - 63.11
Equity: 1,510
90-Day Avg: 31,010
Todays Stock Vol: 37.1
20-Day (HV): 25.3
52-Week (HV): 34.4
Dividend: 15-Aug $0.30 (Est.)
Div. Yield: 1.9%
Earnings: 18-Jul (Est.)
P/E Ratio: 16.18
Market Cap: 633.5 M
Short Int Pct: 0.0%
Pct Held By Inst.: 64.7%
Stock Info
Type: Common
Sector: Financial
Industry: Savings & Loans

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