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Pioneer Diversified High Income Trust is a closed-end fund designed to pursue a high level of current income, with the potential for capital appreciation as a secondary objective. The Fund invests in a unique blend of higher yielding asset classes, including global high yield bonds, leveraged bank loans and event-linked bonds (cat bonds). The Fund may invest in securities of issuers that are in default or that are in bankruptcy. When interest rates rise, the prices of fixed-income securities in the Fund will generally fall. Conversely, when interest rates fall the prices of fixed income securities in the Fund will generally rise. The floating rate feature of the Fund means that the Fund will not experience capital appreciation in a declining interest rate environment. The Fund is not limited in the percentage of its assets that may be invested in Senior Loans and other securities deemed to be illiquid. Illiquid securities may be difficult to dispose of at a fair price at the times when the trust believes it is desirable to do so and their market price is generally more volatile than that of more liquid securities. Illiquid securities are also more difficult to value and investment of the Fund’s assets in illiquid securities may restrict the Fund’s ability to take advantage of market opportunities. The Fund may use leverage through the issuance of preferred shares with an aggregate liquidation preference of up to 33 1/3% of the Fund’s total assets after such issuance. For some event-linked bonds, if a trigger event causes losses exceeding a specific loss amount or magnitude in the geographic region and time period specified in a bond, the fund may lose a portion or all of its accrued interest and/or principal invested in the bond. In addition to the specified trigger events, event-linked bonds may also expose the fund to certain unanticipated risks, including but not limited to credit default, adverse regulatory or jurisdictional interpretations and adverse tax consequences. Event-linked bonds are subject to the risk that the model used to calculate the probability of a trigger event was not accurate.
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