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Alan Stark's Debut Book Crashing Crutches: The Fabric of Life's Journeys Reveals Insight Into Inspiring Stories To Overcome Life Challenges

AB Digital, Inc. 16-Mar-2023 1:49 PM

Alan Stark’s Debut Book Crashing Crutches: The Fabric of Life's Journeys Reveals Insight Into Inspiring Stories To Overcome Life Challenges

All people become exponentially more attached when they encounter difficulties in life or are the underdog. "Facing The Beast" is not easy in our everyday lives, but it is possible if you have faith and perseverance. However, despite many persistent personal and physical difficulties and challenges, many people are still be able to overcome them and emerge as role models for the rest of us.

And Al Strack will depict the same with his definitive book. In order to give the readers the best experience possible, this inspirational book will examine and spotlight a variety of real-life accounts of such people who have faced a hard time and emerged as role models.

The author remains persistent and manages to jot down everything, every tiny detail—the hardships, emotions, resilience, hope, and many other life lessons perfectly. Each of the stories in this book is an eye-opener that will tell and uncover many secrets to living a happy and promising life.

The real-life inspiring stories not just represent the individuals in the limelight, but they will also embrace many other distinctive characteristics and diverse native cultures that made them unique in all aspects.

The goal of the book is to motivate the readers to help others along through the life’s journeys and encourage them to promote so. Every link made along the way in life has significance, sometimes hidden from view that we need to explore to learn and showcase the best.

About The Author:

Al Strack is a retired high school teacher/administrator and coach with over 45 years of excellence. He has also operated a wholesale and retail Christmas tree farm that marketed trees worldwide. Strack also holds himself accountable for writing Wisconsin Academy 1979 review “Witnesses In Green,” which highlighted the old stalwart's tree survival and other natural concerns. But most importantly, he was a father who unexpectedly became a single parent in the prime of life, who loved his family and battled through some very challenging times. Al’s authentic, WI voice is evident and provides reader friendly understanding.

Book Name: Crashing Crutches: The Fabric of Life's Journeys
Author Name: Al Strack
ISBN Number: 978-1915904461
Ebook Version: Click Here
Paperback Version: Click Here

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