Preferred Dental Technologies Inc. ("Company") (CSE: PDTI, US OTC: PDTTF): Introduces Experienced Sales Representative for CBD Products

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VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / November 8, 2018 / With sales efforts for our 'PDTWellness' line of organic, full spectrum, pharmaceutical grade CBD products forthe dental office now imminent, Preferred Dental Technologies Inc. is pleasedto introduce Mr. Jay Magee, the first of our independent salesrepresentatives.

Our line of product (covered in our October 31st News Release

is all grown, harvested and manufactured in the US. and will be marketedwhere permitted following individual state and federal regulations. Anon-intoxicating component of industrial hemp, CBD has garnered huge attentionas research continues to show its medical potential. When asked about the 'PDTWellness' product launch and the potential role of our CBD products he will be introducingin the dental space Mr. Magee commented:

"It is estimated that 30% of opioid prescriptions are coming out of thedental field.This is of growing concern to the dental professionalcommunity, as well as the patients they are treating.A growing body ofresearch is showing that CBD oil has the potential of dramatically reducing theneed for strong prescriptions.It also will allow the doctor to offer aproduct that is totally unique within dental practices. Doctors will be able toaddress their patients' health, well-being and anxiety in visiting the dentistby incorporating it into their treatment offerings. It also has the potentialto add a new revenue stream to the practices that will be offering thispharmaceutical grade product.Finally, patients will be favorablyimpressed by the high-quality standards governing the production of our CBD oil- no more hit and miss purchases made from sketchy sources."

We have taken time and great effort to properly vet our candidates.Given the nature of the dental space and the technical nature of our products,we had high standards we required be met: a strong background in the dentalsales space, excellent relations with an existing client base and an ability toeasily explain the technical benefits of our product.Our new salesrep meets all these criteria and is excited to be able to promote products asinnovative as ours.

Mr. Jay Magee has over two decades sales and marketing experience andhas built a broad network of relationships in dental offices while working forsuch multimillion-dollar companies as Westar, SDS, Pelton & Crane, Marus,DCI, A-dec and DentalEZ. Mr. Magee is a true veteran of the dental industry,having managed production, personnel, purchasing as well as international anddomestic sales for these companies. Within this space, Mr. Magee has cultivateda respected presence in dental offices throughout his territory in the AmericanSoutheast, including the States of Georgia, West Virginia and South Carolina.

In addition to the 'PDT Wellness' lineup of CBD products, Mr. Magee has beenfully trained in the EAS Series of dental abutment components. Having experiencedfirst hand the dental implant space for years, Mr. Magee has the following tosay about how he expects dentists to receive our product:

"I am very excited about the EAS product line.To say that the implantbusiness is highly populated is an understatement, but if doctors will look atthis system openly, they will find that it solves problems that other systemssimply cannot address in terms of angulation and fixation of thecomponents.Furthermore, the system is unique in its totalretrievability.This allows for the doctor and their practice to betteraddress the future hygiene and well-being of the patient, and achieve muchlonger, healthy and lasting outcomes for that patient.In all thecompanies that I have worked for and represented in the dental market, I havecome to learn that those products that make the dentists life easier, and trulyproduce better patient treatment outcomes are not only the most successful, butmost valued by the dental community writ large.This versatile system,utilizing well established dental technique and incorporating the finestmaterials available, hits this mark dead-on."

Erik Siegmund, President and CEO stated "Ensuring that the right people are representing PDT in dental officesaround the world has been a key goal as our unique Value Plus sales propositionrelies on strong customer relations and technical excellence. With thesetrained individuals hitting the streets we are excited for the next months ofprogress for the company. Mr. Jay Mageeis a valuable addition to our team."


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