As Malls Suffer Setbacks, a New Form of Commerce Emerges
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Accesswire 20-Jun-2017 6:13 PM
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PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / June 20, 2017 / Per Wall Street Firm Credit Suisse, between 20-25% of America's shopping malls will close within the next five years as e-commerce continues to minimize foot traffic to brick and mortar stores.
As shopping malls increasingly struggle to bring in crowds, e-commerce companies are coming to the forefront, and one company is even paying shoppers to do so.
Trunited is the exclusive home of "Socialized Commerce," a burgeoning form of e-commerce that is gaining traction as shoppers stay home to make their purchases. Socialized Commerce connects shoppers to brands that are willing to pay money for access to consumers, and then redirects that money directly back to those consumers.
"As shoppers get savvier and gain more options, they are asking companies and brands for more loyalty," says Dr. Nicolas Porter, the creator of Socialized Commerce and founder of Trunited. "We're so used to the concept of brand loyalty, and traditional brands haven't had to show their loyalty back to customers the way Socialized Commerce is challenging them to do. The changing tide in commerce is unveiling how customers have considerable buying power, and Trunited is essentially the platform where anyone can join for free, come together, and finally cash in on that buying power."
Socialized Commerce works like this: Any interested shopper can join Trunited online for free and gain access to hundreds of brands that have already connected to the platform. Each time a member purchases a product from a participating brand, that brand pays Trunited a previously negotiated amount of money which goes into a "Community Payout Pool" in return for Trunited's role in connecting them to that customer. At the end of each month, all the money in the Payout Pool is distributed back to the group of consumers and divided up based on a proprietary algorithm created by Dr. Porter.
The algorithm is set up to compensate customers based on where the shopping and money comes from on the platform. For the personal purchases on the Trunited platform, customers are compensated by way of a proprietary currency rewards program called TruWallet earnings, which allows them to purchase items in the "Trunited Marketplace" and avoid 5-6% in merchant bank fees. Since the platform rewards members based on profit, this 5-6% is recycled and results in more money added to a community payout pool the next month because the rewards money is the default method of payment and the balance that remains is paid by credit card. The use of TruWallet earnings results in an extra several thousand dollars in profit in the pool paid to the members the next month instead of a merchant fee to a bank.
"Socialized Commerce, or SoComm for short, powered by, is all about a community of buyers who want to turn the tables on bank fees, shipping costs and other membership fees that are part and partial to doing business with the multi-billion dollar businesses out there who have earned the right to call the shots and demand what they please. Trunited's aim is to change that," comments Dr. Porter.
One of Dr. Porter's favorite fables to share when speaking of Socialized Commerce is the story of the ants and the grasshopper.
"The ants worked tirelessly season after season finding and providing food not only for themselves, but for the greedy and cruel yet larger and intimidating grasshoppers that made the ants feel small and weak," he explains.
"When the grasshoppers came to collect their winter supply one year, one brave ant stood up, risked his life for the sake of his million family members and friends and, upon standing up to the large opponent, he sensed the fear in the eyes of the grasshopper as the giant foe towered over the ant and cast his eyes on the army of small, but powerful ants. The millions of ants stood up and realized that they had the power to be in charge and not only stop the bullying, but demand equality and loyalty. The days of fear, oppression and insecurity had ended and the two sides learned to work together symbiotically with one providing protection and strength and the other offering organization and numbers."
A symbiotic relationship denotes a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.
In Trunited, the organization of the proprietary algorithm provides a benefit for the masses while the strength and know-how of the big companies provide the brands, products and payout that Dr. Porter believes should exist in any relationship of powerful allies.
Amazon, the e-commerce giant, recently made headlines by purchasing Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion. The move is widely expected to benefit both brands thanks to a symbiotic relationship between the two entities and has brought the potential of the e-commerce takeover back to the forefront of the public's mind.
Trunited, however, offers something very important that other e-commerce platforms can't.
"All of these advancements are amazing," Dr. Porter beams. "But our category has that same potential and nothing beats consumers in charge."
The symbiotic relationship with Trunited extends between brand and customer, but also member-to-member with Trunited's proprietary referral pay system. When you refer someone to the free platform, you don't just earn a one-time $5 credit for sending that person to use the platform. Instead, Trunited's referral algorithm will pay you for the life of that referral. Yes, you heard that right - a lifetime referral which means any commerce that is created by someone you connect to the platform doesn't just earn you $5 up to a maximum of $100/year like many platforms. Nope, so long as those referrals use Trunited to shop and buy from a platform with millions of brands and products, the referrer will earn back an amount proportional to the commerce created by the customer referred.
"Because of our decision to grow organically since day one, much like Facebook and other successful platforms," Dr. Porter adds, "Trunited will pay you Point for Point, called Match Points, for any business you connect to Trunited and its affiliated brands. In fact, your free membership will earn you Match Points on up to two generations of referrals with no limit on the amount."
Dr. Porter's stated goal is to help one million households earn $500 per month in income simply by shopping the smart way with Trunited. From Walmart to Nordstrom, and everything in between, the shopping everyone is doing can earn the platform income which grows and grows and adds more and more to the contributors' pockets.
"It's a way to put the power back in the hands of the shopper," says Dr. Porter. "When you shop at a mall, a large amount of money for every purchase goes to the overhead in running that mall. Why not put that money back in the hands of hard-working, regular people and families instead? The organic and natural growth with lifetime referral payment when a purchase is made is becoming widespread in commerce. Brands want to pay for performance. It's a much better way than putting up a billboard or even a targeted ad on social media. Those methods don't guarantee you success in your advertising. Pay when a customer pays is the way of the future."
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