NovuMind wins US-China Cross Border Innovation Award from SVIEF

PR Newswire 12-Jan-2018 9:17 AM

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- During the world's largest annual consumer technology show CES 2018, Silicon Valley Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) announced the breathtaking innovation award on Jan 9th night in Las Vegas. AI chip start-up NovuMind wins US-China Cross Border Innovation Award at the Silicon Valley featured Oscar Awards Gala-- leaving a flashbulb memory foraudiences, investors and tech experts.

The CES 2018 US-China Cross-Border Innovation Award Night is organized by SVIEF. Since 2011, SVIEF has been the largest conference that fosters innovation and business partnership between China and the U.S. in Silicon Valley. This year, Silicon Valley AI chip start-up NovuMind brings its first ASIC product NovuTensor to CES 2018. The new chip is designed for artificial neural networks, by using very small (3x3) convolution filters.

"Our first AI chip, NovuTensor is published for the first time in Las Vegasat CES 2018. It is the most power- efficient AI chip in the world. With the full stack service, NovuMind can help traditional enterprises have the most powerful AI ability just in two steps -- Train once, and then deploy AI to everywhere." said Dr. Bin Zhou, President of NovuMind China.

As an advanced AI chip entrepreneurship, NovuMind is dedicated to improving your life throughAI by making things think. Through cutting edge, in-house-developed AI technology, NovuMind combines big data, high-performance, and heterogeneous computing to change the Internet of Things (IoT) into the Intelligent Internet of Things (I2oT).

Dr. Ren Wu, founder and CEO of NovuMind, formerly a distinguished scientist at Baidu, started NovuMind in August 2016. Now, there are 50 people in NovuMind's team, including 35 engineersin the U.S. and 15 in Beijing. The company's first AI chip "NovuTenosr" -- designed for prototyping -- is displayed on CES 2018 for the first time, which is running on a 15 teraflops of performance (ToP) chip under 5 watts.

NovuMind is forging ahead in today's hotly pursued market of deep-learning accelerators for edge devices. According to Dr. Wu's disclosure, NovuMind is carrying out a new round of financing after raising $15.2 million in series A funding in December 2016. As Mike Li, IC engineering VP of NovuMind stated, NovuMind's second chip, designed to run under a watt, is expected to launch in mid-2018.

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