HE Bullish Call Spread at $1.20 Appears to be a Good Buy

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Option Trading Strategy for HE

The trade card provides you with the most relevant information in a compact, easy-to-read display. Circled in red, you will easily find how to put on this options trade for HE. It shows you to buy the 11.5 call and sell the 13 call with the same expiration (22-Sep-2023). NOTE: This is a bull call spread, as indicated at the top of the trade card.

Market Price vs Theoretical Value

HE bull call spread theoretical value

This section will let you do a quick comparison between the market price and theoretical value. As you can see, the market price is $1.20 vs a theoretical price of $1.42, implying a good buying opportunity.

To get the theoretical value, MarketChameleon.com analyzed historical stock behavior for HE in similar circumstances and concluded that, given HE historical stock price drift, the average end value of this spread would be $1.42. Using historical statistics as your guidance, the current market is at a $0.22 discount.

Theoretical Edge

HE bull call spread theoretical edge

Similar to a casino's statistical advantage over gamblers, trading is all about maximizing your edge. On this HE trade you have a 18.6% edge, as displayed front and center in this section. After statistically calculating a $0.22 theoretical edge, MarketChameleon.com converts it to a percentage of the amount at risk ($1.20), so you can easily see the edge normalized.

In turn, this conformity will allow you to quickly and accurately compare various HE trade cards. Think of it as running a casino and only taking bets from the gamblers you want. In technical terms, the theoretical percentage edge value tells you what the percentage discount/premium (to historical value) the current spread is priced.

Historical Win Rate

HE bull call spread historical win rate

Here is the final piece of the puzzle for this HE trade. You would like to know, if you did a similar trade in the past, how often did the stock do what it needed to in order for you to profit? Since the stock is already above your ideal price of 13.00, you have a cushion in the strategy. This means, the stock can decline by -4.4% and you'll still at least break even.

Marketchameleon.com runs a historical analysis based on years of HE stock returns to calculate how often the stock price achieved this (applying similar circumstances). And as you can see on the trade card, the data simulation shows you that 92% of the time the stock price reached the point where this bull call spread would result in a profit.

Don't Let an Opportunity Pass You By!

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