META Bullish Call Spread is Undervalued at $2.90

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How this META Bull Call Spread Works

The bottom of the META trade card shows us that we would buy one call and sell another with the same 13-Oct-23 expiration (this is a bull call spread as indicated on the top of the card).

Buy: 13-Oct-23 300 CALL

Sell: 13-Oct-23 305 CALL

Reasons to Like This Trade

  • You can buy this spread for $2.90 when theoretically it’s worth $3.61. Simply put, the market is implying a theoretical edge of 24.5%.
  • Your maximum gain is $2.10, which means you can make an astounding 72.4% return on your investment in 18 trading days! (That's if the stock closes at 305 or above. $2.10 / $2.90 = 72.4%) At the time of this alert, the stock was trading at 303.79.
  • The stock only needs to close at, or above, 305.00 after 18 trading days for you to realize this maximum return. That’s only a 0.4% gain! If you look at META historically drift, you will find that 72% of the time the stock drifted higher than 0.4% in 18 trading days. Based on historical stock behavior (historical stock drift) the spread has a 72% chance of success.
  • 5 out of 7 indicators are pointing to a bullish sentiment in the stock, which is enough to believe there is a decent chance the stock price could hit its mark of 305.00. Look, nobody knows for sure if the stock is going to go up or down, but, if you had to handicap the stock price, these metrics are indicating that META is really riding the momentum of bullish signals.
    Metric Signal Bull or Bear
    Relative Performance 1-yr Outperform Bullish META Bullish Relative Performance 1 year
    Relative Performance 3-Mon Outperform Bullish META Bullish Relative Performance 3 Month
    Relative Performance 2-Wk Outperform Bullish META Bullish Relative Performance 2 Week
    Seasonality Weak Bearish
    Technical Bearish
    Historical Price Action 72% Uptrend Bullish META Bullish Historical Price Action
    Option Order Flow Sentiment Positive Net Option Delta Bullish META Bullish Option Order Flow Sentiment


This trade in META looks like a good opportunity because:

  1. 5 out of 7 bullish indicators support positive momentum
  2. 72.4% potential return on your investment
  3. Theoretical edge of 24.5%
  4. The stock price is only 0.4% away from the price for you to make the maximum gain!

Don't Let an Opportunity Pass You By!

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Relative Performance

META has outperformed the market in the last year with a price return of +107.9% while the SPY ETF gained +16.1%. META has also outperformed the stock market ETF in the last 3 month and 2 week periods returning +8.2% and +2.6%, respectively, while the SPY returned +0.8% and -1.8%, respectively.

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Seasonality: Weak

The strategy involves holding the position from Sep 19 to Oct 13 expiration. Historically, this has been a weak seasonal period. In the past 12 years, META shares have decreased 73% of the time between Sep 19 to Oct 13, while averaging a return of -3.5%. Learn how to look up stock seasonality.



Historical Price Action: 72% Uptrend

In the last 4 years, there were 18 historical samples of META stock price movements over the same time period as this option spread. The stock moved up 72% of the time for an average return of +6.6%.

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Option Order Flow Sentiment: Positive Net Option Delta

At the time of this META trade idea, bullish option order flow exceeded bearish option order flow. The net option delta volume was 166 K.

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