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Frontdoor Survey: Smart Home Technology Revolutionizes Home Management for Today's Homeowners

Business Wire 19-Sep-2023 9:00 AM

The American dream of home ownership is evolving with the integration of smart home technology, as revealed by recent consumer survey data from Frontdoor, Inc.

The survey, which focused on home repair and technology trends, showed 94 percent of homeowners consider themselves early adopters of new technology, making it evident that smart home products are a prominent feature in American households.

Yet, for all the ways homeowners need and want to adapt to home technology, the survey showed they also need, want and appreciate access to skilled tradesmen for what needs to get done around the house – especially since 84% of homeowners tend to avoid household repairs.

"The survey showed how homeowners are turning to tech to source and find their ‘roster' of essential help around the house," said Kathy Collins, Frontdoor's chief brand officer. "We've seen that firsthand with the tremendous response to the Frontdoor app, giving homeowners real time video access to our Experts for help with home repair or maintenance issues."

Key Survey Findings on Smart Home Adoption:

  • Across all demographics, homeowners agree (63%) that technology can facilitate better connections with contractors, streamlining the process of household repairs and maintenance.
  • Approximately two-thirds (61%) of homeowners currently own a smart home device, with Gen Z and Baby Boomers leading the charge. Notably, 87% of Gen Zers and 77% of Baby Boomers currently own smart home tech, compared to 61% overall.
  • Both Gen Z and Baby Boomers, the two generations most likely to own smart home products, overwhelmingly agree that this technology has made their home life better across all responses. Three-fifths of Gen Z show particular enthusiasm in appreciating the helpfulness (71%) and time-savings (70%) of smart home tech.
  • Smart home products have proven most beneficial in aiding home management tasks for Gen Z homeowners. Seventy-one percent (71%) find them helpful in keeping track of scheduled repairs and maintenance (compared to 33% overall), and 67% use them to manage their homes while they are away (compared to 32% overall).
  • For Baby Boomers, the most helpful smart home elements include being alerted to potentially unseen problems in their home (49% compared to 32% overall) and the ability to set preferences throughout the house (49% compared to 33% overall).

Empowering Homeowners Through Smart Home Technology

The survey shows the most significant benefit of smart home technology lies in the ability to fully manage households digitally by overseeing chores and setting preferences throughout the home. This technological revolution is transforming how homeowners approach domestic tasks, making everyday life more convenient and efficient.

Seeking Trustworthy Experts and New Opportunities

While many homeowners feel they have experts to rely on for household needs, a significant percentage is still on the lookout for a reliable repair person. Sixty-six percent (66%) of homeowners claim they are seeking a go-to home expert, with 80% of homeowners in the Northeast actively looking for a new repair person.

When considering new services, online reviews are an important and a trusted resource for many homeowners, with 84% at least somewhat relying on them. Additionally, less than half (46%) of homeowners agree they possess all the necessary tools to address most home repair needs. Furthermore, nearly half (48%) of homeowners admit feeling overwhelmed by the maintenance their home requires of them.

Overcoming Procrastination and Prioritizing Home Maintenance

Procrastination poses a common challenge for homeowners. Gen Z and Northeasterners are particularly prone to procrastination, with 59% and 58% strongly agreeing to procrastinating on tasks. Across all demographics, the primary motivation for procrastination (60%) is the desire to spend free time on more enjoyable hobbies and interests.

Gen Z homeowners further cited a lack of time as a contributing factor to their procrastination (81% compared to 49% overall). This highlights the need for solutions that can streamline household management and maintenance tasks.

"As smart home technology continues to advance, it empowers homeowners with the convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind they seek in managing their households," Collins said. "Embracing this technological revolution allows homeowners to optimize their living spaces, connect with trusted experts, and overcome common challenges, making homeownership an even more fulfilling experience."

The Frontdoor app is available for download on iPhone and Android. For more information, visit

OnePoll, on behalf of Frontdoor, Inc. conducted a survey of approximately 2,000 recent U.S. homeowners aged 18+ who became homeowners in the past five years. The survey was conducted from July 16 – 22, 2023 with a margin of error of +/-3%.

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