Top Stock Losers on High Volume

This page shows stocks that are down by 5% or more on the day and have above average volume trading in both the stock and options market.

Company Market Cap Price Price Chg Stock Volume Relative
Stock Volume
Option Volume Relative
Option Volume

Top Losers on High Volume Frequently Asked Questions

What is a top stock loser on big volume?

Top losers are stocks that are showing a big percentage decline in their share value for the day. The high volume indicates that there is a lot more trading going on than usual. This can point to something important happening in the stock. We look for volume that is at least 2 times greater than the average daily volume over the last 90 days.

How can top losers on high volume be used by traders?

Increased volatility along with high volume can present trading opportunities. Traders will frequently search for stocks that are experiencing large price fluctuations to capitalize on short term moves until the stock finds its equilibrium. Violent moves in stock price can cause the stock to overshoot and bounce around until it finds its new fair value. Traders will research the news behind the move and combine technical and fundamental analysis to trade around their price targets and trading models.