Morning Report

View all of today's big economic events, as well as new stock listings and new options listings for the last month.

Today's Market News Events

Time Description
8:55 AM Redbook
11:00 AM 4-Week Bill Announcement
11:00 AM 8-Week Bill Announcement
6:00 PM Randal Quarles Speaks

New Stock Listings

Listing Date Symbol Name Listing Exchange
19-Aug-2019 MBINO Merchants Bancorp NASDAQ
19-Aug-2019 NRZ-B New Residential Investment Corp. 7.125% Series B Fixed-to-Floating Rate Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock NYSE
16-Aug-2019 KIM-I* Kimco Realty Corporation DEPOSITARY SH REPSTG 1/1000TH PFD SER I NYSE
16-Aug-2019 KIM-K* Kimco Realty Corporation Depositary Shares Representing 1/1000th Preferred Series K NYSE
15-Aug-2019 AHL-E Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited Depositary Shares, each representing a 1/1000th interest in a share of 5.625% Perpetual Non-Cumulative Preference Shares NYSE
15-Aug-2019 CFB Crossfirst Bankshares Inc. NASDAQ
15-Aug-2019 JFU 9F Inc. - American Depositary Shares NASDAQ
14-Aug-2019 BRKA N/A NYSE
14-Aug-2019 BRKB N/A NYSE
14-Aug-2019 CBSA N/A NYSE
14-Aug-2019 NEPH Nephros Inc. NASDAQ
14-Aug-2019 NFIN Netfin Acquisition Corp. - Class A NASDAQ
14-Aug-2019 NFINW Netfin Acquisition Corp. - Warrants NASDAQ
14-Aug-2019 OIBRC N/A NYSE
14-Aug-2019 PBRA N/A NYSE
14-Aug-2019 PLIN China Xiangtai Food Co. Ltd. - NASDAQ
14-Aug-2019 RENW Pickens Morningstar Renewable Energy Response ETF ARCA
12-Aug-2019 AESE Allied Esports Entertainment Inc. NASDAQ
12-Aug-2019 AESEW Allied Esports Entertainment Inc. - Warrant NASDAQ
12-Aug-2019 LCTX Lineage Cell Therapeutics Inc. AMEX
12-Aug-2019 NLTX Neoleukin Therapeutics Inc. NASDAQ
9-Aug-2019 ALL-H Allstate Corporation (The) Depositary Shares each representing a 1/1,000th interest in a share of Fixed Rate Noncumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series H NYSE
9-Aug-2019 GL Globe Life Inc. NYSE
9-Aug-2019 GL-C Globe Life Inc. 6.125% Junior Subordinated Debentures due 2056 NYSE
9-Aug-2019 THBRU Thunder Bridge Acquisition II Ltd. - Units NASDAQ
9-Aug-2019 VMD Viemed Healthcare Inc. - Common Shares NASDAQ
8-Aug-2019 INMD Inmode Ltd. - NASDAQ
8-Aug-2019 SSPKU Silver Spike Acquisition Corp. - Units NASDAQ
8-Aug-2019 VERY Vericity Inc. NASDAQ
7-Aug-2019 AMPY Amplify Energy Corp. NYSE
5-Aug-2019 HFRO-A Highland Income Fund 5.375% Series A Cumulative Preferred Shares NYSE
5-Aug-2019 HKIB Amtd International Inc. American Depositary Shares Each Representing One Class A Ordinary Share NYSE
5-Aug-2019 JPM-E* J P Morgan Chase & Co Depository Shares Representing 1/400th Int Perp Pfd Ser W NYSE
2-Aug-2019 BBT-D* BB&T Corporation Depositary Shares Representing 1/1000th Perpetual Preferred Series D NYSE
2-Aug-2019 BBT-E* BB&T Corporation Depositary Shares Representing 1/1000th Perpetual Preferred Series E NYSE
2-Aug-2019 BCDA Biocardia Inc. NASDAQ
2-Aug-2019 BCDAW Biocardia Inc. - Warrant NASDAQ
2-Aug-2019 ORSNU Orisun Acquisition Corp. - Unit NASDAQ
1-Aug-2019 BAUG Innovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF - August BATS
1-Aug-2019 DT Dynatrace Inc. NYSE
1-Aug-2019 KRUS Kura Sushi USA Inc. - Class A NASDAQ
1-Aug-2019 MTB-* M&T Bank Corporation Fixed Rate Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series A NYSE
1-Aug-2019 MTB-C* M&T Bank Corporation Fixed Rate Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series C NYSE
1-Aug-2019 NSCO Nesco Holdings Inc. NYSE
1-Aug-2019 NSCO+ Nesco Holdings Redeemable Warrants Exercisable For Class A Ordinary Shares At An Exercise Price Of $11.50 Per Share NYSE
1-Aug-2019 PAUG Innovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF - August BATS
1-Aug-2019 RAPT Rapt Therapeutics Inc. NASDAQ
1-Aug-2019 SNDL Sundial Growers Inc. - Common Shares NASDAQ
1-Aug-2019 SSSS Sutter Rock Capital Corp. NASDAQ
1-Aug-2019 TCFCP TCF Financial - Depositary Shares Representing 5.70% Series C Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock NASDAQ
1-Aug-2019 UAUG Innovator S&P 500 Ultra Buffer ETF - August BATS
31-Jul-2019 BORR Borr Drilling Limited Common Shares NYSE
31-Jul-2019 CBO-A N/A NYSE
31-Jul-2019 NFINU Netfin Acquisition Corp. - Unit NASDAQ
31-Jul-2019 ULTR IQ Ultra Short Duration ETF ARCA
31-Jul-2019 VAL Valaris PLC Class A NYSE
31-Jul-2019 XCUR Exicure Inc. NASDAQ
30-Jul-2019 NEWTL Newtek Business Services Corp. - 5.75% Notes Due 2024 NASDAQ
30-Jul-2019 THCA Tuscan Holdings Corp. II NASDAQ
30-Jul-2019 THCAW Tuscan Holdings Corp. II - Warrant NASDAQ
29-Jul-2019 PSTV Plus Therapeutics Inc. NASDAQ
29-Jul-2019 PSTVZ Plus Therapeutics Inc. - Series S Warrant NASDAQ
29-Jul-2019 SLNG Stabilis Energy Inc. NASDAQ
29-Jul-2019 SMMC South Mountain Merger Corp. - Class A NASDAQ
29-Jul-2019 SMMCW South Mountain Merger Corp. - Warrants NASDAQ
26-Jul-2019 BHAT Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology - NASDAQ
26-Jul-2019 CCX Churchill Capital II Class A NYSE
26-Jul-2019 CCX+ Churchill Capital II Warrants Each Exercisable For One Share Of Class A Common At An Exercise Price Of $11.50 Per Share NYSE
26-Jul-2019 NTUS Natus Medical Incorporated NASDAQ
26-Jul-2019 RMM Rivernorth Managed Duration Municipal Income Inc. NYSE
26-Jul-2019 SBE= Switchback Energy Acquisition Units NYSE
26-Jul-2019 VIST Vista Oil & Gas S.A.B. De C.V. American Depositary Shares Each Representing One Series A Share With No Par Value NYSE
26-Jul-2019 WSG Wanda Sports Group Company Limited - American Depositary Shares NASDAQ
25-Jul-2019 FLLCU Fellazo Inc. - Unit NASDAQ
25-Jul-2019 LVGO Livongo Health Inc. NASDAQ
25-Jul-2019 NOVA Sunnova Energy International Inc. NYSE
25-Jul-2019 PROS Prosight Global Inc. NYSE
25-Jul-2019 RCB Ready Capital Corporation 6.20% Senior Notes due 2026 NYSE
25-Jul-2019 TOKE Cambria Cannabis ETF BATS
24-Jul-2019 CSTL Castle Biosciences Inc. NASDAQ
24-Jul-2019 EIC Eagle Point Income Company Inc. NYSE
24-Jul-2019 GLQ^ Clough Global Equity Rights (Expiring August 23 2019) AMEX
24-Jul-2019 GLV^ Clough Global Dividend And Income Rights (Expiring August 23 2019) AMEX
24-Jul-2019 HCAT Health Catalyst NASDAQ
24-Jul-2019 PDEV Principal International Multi-Factor Core Index Et... NASDAQ
24-Jul-2019 PLC Principal U.S. Large-Cap Multi-Factor Core Index E... NASDAQ
24-Jul-2019 PSM Principal U.S. Small-Midcap Multi-Factor Core Inde... NASDAQ
23-Jul-2019 CNBS Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF ARCA
23-Jul-2019 HEPA Hepion Pharmaceuticals Inc. NASDAQ
23-Jul-2019 HHT Huitao Technology Co. Ltd. - NASDAQ
23-Jul-2019 XBIOW Xenetic Biosciences Inc. - Warrants NASDAQ
22-Jul-2019 SLRX Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc. NASDAQ

New Option Listings

Listing Date Symbol Name Option Exchanges
16-Aug-2019 CHMA Chiasma Inc. AMEX, ARCA
16-Aug-2019 LXFR Luxfer Holdings PLC AMEX, ARCA
16-Aug-2019 ODT Odonate Therapeutics Inc. AMEX, ARCA
12-Aug-2019 LHX L3harris Technologies Inc. AMEX, BOX, CBOE, ELX, GEM, ISE, MIAX, ARCA, NSDQ, NOBO, C2, PHLX, BATS
9-Aug-2019 DOYU Douyu International Holdings Limited - Ads AMEX
9-Aug-2019 ELOX Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Inc. AMEX, ARCA
9-Aug-2019 GMAB Genmab A/S - American Depositary Shares AMEX
9-Aug-2019 GNK Genco Shipping & Trading Limited Ordinary Shares New (Marshall Islands) AMEX, ARCA
9-Aug-2019 PRNB Principia Biopharma Inc. ARCA
9-Aug-2019 TORC Restorbio Inc. AMEX, ARCA
5-Aug-2019 ATEX Pdvwireless Inc. CBOE, ELX, C2, BATS
5-Aug-2019 CHNG Change Healthcare Inc. CBOE, ELX, C2, BATS
5-Aug-2019 CRVS Corvus Pharmaceuticals Inc. CBOE, ELX, C2, BATS
5-Aug-2019 LOOP Loop Industries Inc. CBOE, ELX, C2, BATS
2-Aug-2019 ALTM Altus Midstream Company - Class A AMEX
2-Aug-2019 AVRO Avrobio Inc. AMEX, ARCA
2-Aug-2019 EIDX Eidos Therapeutics Inc. AMEX, ARCA
26-Jul-2019 OMP Oasis Midstream Partners LP Common Units Representing Limited Partner Interests AMEX
26-Jul-2019 OXFD Oxford Immunotec Global PLC Or AMEX, ARCA
26-Jul-2019 REAL Realreal Inc. AMEX, ARCA
26-Jul-2019 SYBX Synlogic Inc. AMEX, ARCA
24-Jul-2019 SLRX Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc. PHLX