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Today's Market News Events

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New Stock Listings

Listing Date Symbol Name Listing Exchange
26-May-2017 IMRN Immuron ADR NASDAQ
25-May-2017 APPN Appian Cl A NASDAQ
25-May-2017 IMRNW Immuron Wts NASDAQ
25-May-2017 WOW Wideopenwest NYSE
24-May-2017 ATEST.G N/A AMEX
24-May-2017 ATEST.H N/A AMEX
24-May-2017 ATEST.L N/A AMEX
24-May-2017 CCOR Cambria Core Equity ARCA
24-May-2017 CELH Celsius Holdings NASDAQ
24-May-2017 SGH Smart Global Holdings NASDAQ
23-May-2017 COMB Granite Shares Bberg Cmdty Broad Stgy ETF ARCA
23-May-2017 COMG Granite Shares Sp Gsci Cmdty Broad Stgy ETF ARCA
23-May-2017 CPTAL Capitala Finance 6 Notes Due 2022 NASDAQ
23-May-2017 LRGE Clearbridge Lg-Cap Growth Esg ETF NASDAQ
23-May-2017 YLDE Clearbridge Dividend Strategy Esg ETF NASDAQ
22-May-2017 JPST JP Morgan Ultra-Short Income ETF BATS
22-May-2017 NTEST Nyse Tick Pilot Test Sym-Contro NYSE
19-May-2017 SHAG WisdomTree Barclays Yield Enhanced U.S. Short-Term Aggregate Bond BATS
19-May-2017 SWP Stanley Black & Decker NYSE
18-May-2017 ARGX Argenx Se Ads NASDAQ
18-May-2017 BDXA Becton Dickinson NYSE
18-May-2017 BEDU Bright Scholar Education Holdings NYSE
18-May-2017 CARS# When Iss NYSE
18-May-2017 CKH# Seacor Marine Holdings Whe Iss NYSE
18-May-2017 MOTA Mota Group NASDAQ
18-May-2017 MOTAW Mota Group NASDAQ
18-May-2017 SBGL^ Sibanye Gold Rts NYSE
18-May-2017 SMHI# Seacor Marine Holdings NYSE
18-May-2017 TGNA# Tegna When Iss NYSE
17-May-2017 GLOP-A Gas Log Partners Pr A NYSE
17-May-2017 GTHX G1 Therapeutics NASDAQ
17-May-2017 NXE Nexgen Energy AMEX
16-May-2017 AI-B Arlington Asset Investment Pr NYSE
16-May-2017 CSML Iq Chaikin Us Sm-Cap ETF NASDAQ
15-May-2017 SVM Silvercorp Metals AMEX
12-May-2017 AFHBL Atlas Financial Holdings NASDAQ
12-May-2017 ASV Asv Holdings NASDAQ
12-May-2017 GDI Gardner Denver Holdings NYSE
12-May-2017 LVIN Hartford Multifactor Low Volatility BATS
12-May-2017 LVUS Hartford Multifactor Low Volatility Us ETF BATS
12-May-2017 SOI Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure NYSE
12-May-2017 TPLM N/A AMEX
12-May-2017 VERI Veritone NASDAQ
11-May-2017 ACCP Accelerated Pharma NASDAQ
11-May-2017 GDVD Principal Active Global Dvdnd ETF BATS
10-May-2017 ACCPW Accelerated Pharma NASDAQ
10-May-2017 FMAO Farmers & Merchants Bancorp NASDAQ
10-May-2017 FPH Five Point Holdings Llc NYSE
10-May-2017 VST Vistra Energy NYSE
9-May-2017 GNTY Guaranty Bancshares NASDAQ
9-May-2017 NDRAU Endra Life Sciences Unit NASDAQ
9-May-2017 TCF Tcf Financial NYSE
9-May-2017 TCF+ Tcf Financial Wts NYSE
9-May-2017 TCF-B Tcf Financial NYSE
9-May-2017 TCF-C Tcf Financial Pr C NYSE
5-May-2017 ALT Altimmune NASDAQ
5-May-2017 KREF Kkr Real Estate Finance Trust NYSE
5-May-2017 NESRU National Energy Services Reunited Unit NASDAQ
5-May-2017 OVID Ovid Therapeutics NASDAQ
5-May-2017 SBOW Silverbow Resources NYSE
5-May-2017 TPGE= Tpg Pace Energy Holdings Units NYSE
4-May-2017 AMGP Antero Midstream Group NYSE
4-May-2017 BDFC Liberty Oilfield Services NYSE
4-May-2017 BHVN Biohaven Pharmaceuticals Holding Co NYSE
4-May-2017 CACG Clearbridge All Cap Growth NASDAQ
4-May-2017 EVIX Velocityshares 1X Long Vstoxx F BATS
4-May-2017 EXIV Velocityshares 1X Daily Inverse BATS
4-May-2017 URGN Urogen Pharma NASDAQ
4-May-2017 VMOT Alpha Architect Value Momentum BATS
3-May-2017 ASH# Ashland Global Holdings When Iss NYSE
3-May-2017 DFEN Direxion Daily Aerospace & Defense Bull 3X ARCA
3-May-2017 DUSL Direxion Daily Industrials Bull 3X ARCA
3-May-2017 MEXX Direxion Daily MSCI Mexico Bull 3X ARCA
3-May-2017 NS-B Nustar Energy Lp 7.625% Ser B Pr NYSE
3-May-2017 TPOR Direxion Daily Trans Bull 3X ARCA
3-May-2017 UTSL Direxion Daily Util Bull 3X ARCA
3-May-2017 VVV# Valvoline When Iss NYSE
2-May-2017 FMCI Forum Merger Cl A NASDAQ
2-May-2017 FMCIR Forum Merger Rts NASDAQ
2-May-2017 FMCIW Forum Merger Wts NASDAQ
1-May-2017 FLQL Franklin Libertyq Us Equity ETF BATS
1-May-2017 FLQM Franklin Libertyq Us Mid-Cap Equity ETF BATS
1-May-2017 FLQS Franklin Libertyq Us Sm-Cap Equity ETF BATS
28-Apr-2017 AGT iShares MSCI Argentina Global Exposure BATS
28-Apr-2017 AJXA Great Ajax 7.25% Senior Notes 2024 NYSE
28-Apr-2017 CFBI Community First Bancshares NASDAQ
28-Apr-2017 CLDR Cloudera NYSE
28-Apr-2017 CTDD Qwest 6.75% Notes Due 2057 NYSE
28-Apr-2017 CVNA Carvana Co NYSE
28-Apr-2017 EEX Emerald Expositions Events NYSE
28-Apr-2017 MPAC Matlin & Partners Acquisition Cl A NASDAQ
28-Apr-2017 MPACW Matlin & Partners Acquisition Wts NASDAQ
28-Apr-2017 NCSM Ncs Multistage Holdings NASDAQ
28-Apr-2017 SRUN Silver Run Acquisition II Cl A NASDAQ
28-Apr-2017 SRUNW Silver Run Acquisition II Wts NASDAQ
28-Apr-2017 SVRA Savara NASDAQ
28-Apr-2017 ZYME Zymeworks NYSE

New Option Listings

Listing Date Symbol Name Option Exchanges
25-May-2017 CJ C&J Energy Services AMEX
25-May-2017 FND Floor & Decor Holdings ARCA
18-May-2017 KEG Key Energy Services AMEX
18-May-2017 QTNA Quantenna Communications AMEX
18-May-2017 RNN Rexahn Pharmaceuticals AMEX
18-May-2017 SGY Stone Energy AMEX
18-May-2017 VST Vistra Energy AMEX
17-May-2017 HCC Warrior Met Coal CBOE
17-May-2017 OR Osisko Gold Royalties CBOE
17-May-2017 SITE Siteone Landscape Supply CBOE
17-May-2017 SNDR Schneider National CBOE
15-May-2017 BL Blackline PHLX
15-May-2017 CTMX Cytomx Therapeutics PHLX
11-May-2017 CLDR Cloudera AMEX, ARCA
11-May-2017 LLEX Lilis Energy AMEX
9-May-2017 AFH Atlas Financial Holdings AMEX, MIAX, PHLX
9-May-2017 ETP Energy Transfer Partners AMEX, CBOE, ELX, GEM, ISE, MIAX, ARCA, NSDQ, NOBO, C2, PHLX, BATS, BOX
9-May-2017 TCF Tcf Financial AMEX, BOX, CBOE, ELX, GEM, ISE, NSDQ, C2, PHLX, BATS
8-May-2017 ALT Altimmune AMEX, CBOE, ELX, GEM, ISE, MIAX, NSDQ, C2, PHLX, BATS
5-May-2017 EVIX Velocityshares 1X Long Vstoxx F CBOE
4-May-2017 MDWD Mediwound AMEX
3-May-2017 ETP Energy Transfer Partners AMEX, BOX, CBOE, ELX, GEM, ISE, MIAX, ARCA, NSDQ, NOBO, C2, PHLX, BATS
2-May-2017 ABDC Alcentra Capital
2-May-2017 APDN Applied Dna Sciences
2-May-2017 BCBP Bcb Bancorp
2-May-2017 CTSO Cytosorbents
2-May-2017 INVA Innoviva
2-May-2017 LCNB Lcnb
28-Apr-2017 SVRA Savara