Morning Report

View all of today's big economic events, as well as new stock listings and new options listings for the last month.

Today's Market News Events

Time Description
8:30 AM Jobless Claims
8:30 AM Continuing Claims
8:30 AM Productivity and Costs
10:00 AM Factory Orders
10:30 AM EIA Natural Gas Report

New Stock Listings

Listing Date Symbol Name Listing Exchange
1-Feb-2023 BBAG JPMorgan Betabuilders U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF ARCA
1-Feb-2023 BBCB JPMorgan Betabuilders USD Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF ARCA
1-Feb-2023 BBHY JPMorgan Betabuilders USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETF BATS
1-Feb-2023 BURU Nuburu AMEX
1-Feb-2023 BURU+ Nuburu Redeemable Warrants Each Whole Warrant Exercisable For One Share Of Common At An Exercise Price Of $11.50 AMEX
1-Feb-2023 CETUU Cetus Capital Acquisition Corp. NASDAQ
1-Feb-2023 LALT First Trust Exchange-Traded Viii Multi-Strategy Alternative ETF NASDAQ
1-Feb-2023 STXE Ea Series Trust Strive Emerging Markets Ex-China ETF ARCA
30-Jan-2023 MEDX Horizon Kinetics Medical ETF NASDAQ
30-Jan-2023 SPAQ Horizon Kinetics Spac Active ETF NASDAQ
27-Jan-2023 BREA Brera Holdings PLC - Class B NASDAQ
27-Jan-2023 FTBD Fidelity Merrimack Street Trust Fidelity Tactical Bond ETF ARCA
27-Jan-2023 OBIO Orchestra Biomed Hldgs NASDAQ
27-Jan-2023 SEPA Sep Acquisition - Class A NASDAQ
27-Jan-2023 SEPAU Sep Acquisition - Unit NASDAQ
27-Jan-2023 SEPAW Sep Acquisition - Warrants NASDAQ
27-Jan-2023 TXO Txo Energy Partners LP Common Units Representing Limited Partner Interests NYSE
26-Jan-2023 AVTA Avantax NASDAQ
26-Jan-2023 CRGO Freightos Limited - NASDAQ
26-Jan-2023 CRGOW Freightos Limited - Warrants NASDAQ
26-Jan-2023 GNLX Genelux NASDAQ
26-Jan-2023 HSPO Horizon Space Acquisition I Corp. - NASDAQ
26-Jan-2023 HSPOR Horizon Space Acquisition I Corp. - Right NASDAQ
26-Jan-2023 HSPOW Horizon Space Acquisition I Corp. - Warrant NASDAQ
26-Jan-2023 TPMN Timothy Plan Timothy Plan Market Neutral ETF ARCA
25-Jan-2023 ALAR Alarum Technologies Ltd. - American Depositary Shares NASDAQ
25-Jan-2023 ATMV Alphavest Acquisition - NASDAQ
25-Jan-2023 ATMVR Alphavest Acquisition - Right NASDAQ
25-Jan-2023 BAER Bridger Aerospace Group Holdings NASDAQ
25-Jan-2023 BAERW Bridger Aerospace Group Holdings - Warrant NASDAQ
25-Jan-2023 CLOZ Series Portfolios Trust Panagram Bbb-B Clo ETF ARCA
24-Jan-2023 GDEF Goldman Sachs ETF Trust Goldman Sachs Defensive Equity ETF ARCA
24-Jan-2023 GJAN FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Moderate Buffer ETF - January BATS
24-Jan-2023 KIO^ KKR Income Opportunities Rights (Expiring February 16 2023) Rights NYSE
23-Jan-2023 EU Encore Energy Corp. Common Shares AMEX
23-Jan-2023 PCRB Putnam ETF Trust Putnam Esg Core Bond ETF ARCA
23-Jan-2023 PHYD Putnam ETF Trust Putnam Esg High Yield ETF ARCA
23-Jan-2023 PPIE Putnam ETF Trust Putnam Panagora Esg International Equity ETF ARCA
23-Jan-2023 PULT Putnam ETF Trust Putnam Esg Ultra Short ETF ARCA
23-Jan-2023 RWT-A Redwood Trust, Inc. 10.00% Series A Fixed-Rate Reset Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock NYSE
20-Jan-2023 CVKD Cadrenal Therapeutics NASDAQ
20-Jan-2023 PPEM Putnam ETF Trust Putnam Panagora Esg Emerging Markets Equity ETF ARCA
20-Jan-2023 PRFD Pimco Preferred And Capital Securities Active ETF ARCA
19-Jan-2023 ATMC Alphatime Acquisition - NASDAQ
19-Jan-2023 ATMCR Alphatime Acquisition - Right NASDAQ
19-Jan-2023 ATMCW Alphatime Acquisition - Warrant NASDAQ
19-Jan-2023 BFRG Bullfrog Ai Hldgs NASDAQ
19-Jan-2023 BFRGW Bullfrog Ai Holdings NASDAQ
19-Jan-2023 KIO^# KKR Income Opportunities Rights (Expiring February 16 2023) Rights When Issued NYSE
19-Jan-2023 QSG Quantasing Group Limited - American Depositary Shares NASDAQ
18-Jan-2023 ACGN Aceragen NASDAQ
18-Jan-2023 AUB-A Atlantic Union Bankshares Corporation Depositary Shares each representing a 1/400th ownership interest in a share of 6.875% Perpetual Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series A NYSE
17-Jan-2023 VTS Vitesse Energy NYSE
13-Jan-2023 ISRLU Israel Acquisitions - Unit NASDAQ
13-Jan-2023 KLIP Kraneshares China Internet & Covered Call Strategy ETF ARCA
13-Jan-2023 SKWD Skyward Specialty Insurance Group NASDAQ
12-Jan-2023 CLOA Blackrock Aaa Clo ETF NASDAQ
12-Jan-2023 ENAV Collaborative Investment Series Trust Mohr Sector Navigator ETF BATS
12-Jan-2023 MEMX Matthews International Funds Matthews Emerging Markets Ex China Active ETF ARCA
12-Jan-2023 MKUL Molekule Group NASDAQ
12-Jan-2023 RSF^ Rivernorth Capital And Income Rights (Expiring January 27 2023) Rights NYSE
12-Jan-2023 ZSB Uscf ETF Trust Uscf Sustainable Battery Metals Strategy ARCA
11-Jan-2023 PLTN Plutonian Acquisition Corp. NASDAQ
11-Jan-2023 PLTNR Plutonian Acquisition Corp. - Rights NASDAQ
11-Jan-2023 PLTNW Plutonian Acquisition Corp. - Warrant NASDAQ
10-Jan-2023 AMLI American Lithium Corp. NASDAQ
10-Jan-2023 ATLX Atlas Lithium NASDAQ
10-Jan-2023 CCLD Carecloud NASDAQ
10-Jan-2023 CCLDO CareCloud, Inc. - 8.75% Series B Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock NASDAQ
10-Jan-2023 CCLDP CareCloud, Inc. - 11% Series A Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock NASDAQ
10-Jan-2023 GDC GD Culture Group NASDAQ
10-Jan-2023 JEF# Jefferies Financial Group When-Issued NYSE
10-Jan-2023 VTS# Vitesse Energy When-Issued NYSE
10-Jan-2023 WCEO Affinity World Leaders Equity ETF Hypatia Women Ceo ETF ARCA
10-Jan-2023 WGS Genedx Holdings Corp. - Class A NASDAQ
10-Jan-2023 WGSWW Genedx Holdings Corp. - Warrant NASDAQ
9-Jan-2023 VTLE Vital Energy Common Par Value $0.01 Per Share NYSE
6-Jan-2023 SYT Syla Technologies Co. Ltd. NASDAQ
5-Jan-2023 GCAD Gabelli Commercial Aerospace & Defense ETF ARCA
5-Jan-2023 MMV Multimetaverse Holdings Limited - Class A Ordinary Share NASDAQ
5-Jan-2023 MMVWW Multimetaverse Holdings Limited - Warrant NASDAQ
4-Jan-2023 ALTI Alvarium Tiedemann Hldgs NASDAQ
4-Jan-2023 ALTIW Alvarium Tiedemann Holdings - Warrant NASDAQ
4-Jan-2023 GEHC Ge Healthcare Techs NASDAQ
4-Jan-2023 RSF^# Rivernorth Capital And Income Rights (Expiring January 27 2023) Rights When Issued NYSE
4-Jan-2023 TBIO Telesis Bio NASDAQ
3-Jan-2023 AULT Ault Alliance AMEX
3-Jan-2023 AULT-D Ault Alliance, Inc. 13.00% Series D Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock AMEX
3-Jan-2023 FCUS Tidal ETF Trust II Pinnacle Focused Opportunities ETF ARCA
3-Jan-2023 LIFW MSP Recovery - Class A NASDAQ
3-Jan-2023 LIFWW MSP Recovery - Warrant NASDAQ
3-Jan-2023 LIFWZ MSP Recovery - Warrant NASDAQ
3-Jan-2023 MLEC Moolec Science SA - NASDAQ
3-Jan-2023 MLECW Moolec Science SA - Warrant NASDAQ

New Option Listings

Listing Date Symbol Name Option Exchanges
17-Jan-2023 HUGS Ushg Acquisition Corp. Class A NSDQ
17-Jan-2023 LFG Archaea Energy Class A CBOE
13-Jan-2023 UHAL.B U-Haul Holding Company Series N Non-Voting Common AMEX, ARCA
3-Jan-2023 CND Concord Acquisition Corp. Class A AMEX
3-Jan-2023 IRON Disc Medicine AMEX, BOX, CBOE, ELX, MIAX, ARCA, C2, BATS
3-Jan-2023 LGV Longview Acquisition Corp. II Class A CBOE