Morning Report

View all of today's big economic events, as well as new stock listings and new options listings for the last month.

Today's Market News Events

Time Description
7:00 AM MBA Mortgage Applications
10:30 AM EIA Petroleum Status Report
11:30 AM 2-Yr FRN Note Auction
1:00 PM 5-Yr Note Auction

New Stock Listings

Listing Date Symbol Name Listing Exchange
25-Apr-2018 ENBA Enbridge 6.375% Fixed-To-Floating Rate Subordinated Notes Series 2018-B Due 2078 NYSE
25-Apr-2018 SDI Standard Diversified Inc. Class A AMEX
20-Apr-2018 CLBK Columbia Financial NASDAQ
20-Apr-2018 FCI First Caribbean Intl Bank NYSE
20-Apr-2018 LEVL Level One Bancorp NASDAQ
20-Apr-2018 LMRKN Landmark Infrastructure Partners Lp 7 Series C Floating/Fixed Perpetual Conv NASDAQ
20-Apr-2018 OFSSL Ofs Capital 6.375 Notes Due 2025 NASDAQ
20-Apr-2018 PLCY Eventshares US Policy Alpha ETF BATS
20-Apr-2018 PVTL Pivotal Software NYSE
19-Apr-2018 EAF Graftech International Ltd. NYSE
19-Apr-2018 HTAB Hartford Schroders Tax-Aware Bond ETF ARCA
19-Apr-2018 IG Principal Invest Grade Corporate Active ETF ARCA
19-Apr-2018 MOR Morphosys Ag Ads NASDAQ
19-Apr-2018 MREO Mereo Biopharma Group PLC Ads NASDAQ
19-Apr-2018 SURF Surface Oncology NASDAQ
19-Apr-2018 UBOT Direxion Daily Robotics Ai Auto Bull 3X ARCA
19-Apr-2018 VRIO VRIO Corp. Class A NYSE
18-Apr-2018 AGMH Agm Group Holdings Cl A NASDAQ
18-Apr-2018 INP iPath MSCI India Index ETN ARCA
18-Apr-2018 MOGO Mogo Finance Tech Common Share NASDAQ
17-Apr-2018 DRIV Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF NASDAQ
16-Apr-2018 DFBH Dfb Health Care Acquisitions NASDAQ
16-Apr-2018 DFBHW Dfb Health Care Acquisitions Wts NASDAQ
16-Apr-2018 NVT# Nvent Electric PLC When Iss NYSE
16-Apr-2018 PNR# Pentair PLC When Iss NYSE
13-Apr-2018 CGVIC Causeway Etmf Trust Causeway Global Value Nextshares NASDAQ
13-Apr-2018 CIVEC Causeway Etmf Trust Causeway Intl Value Nextshares NASDAQ
13-Apr-2018 ESML iShares MSCI USA Small-Cap Esg Optimized ETF BATS
13-Apr-2018 PACQU Pure Acquisition Unit NASDAQ
12-Apr-2018 ALZH Alzheon NASDAQ
12-Apr-2018 ZUO Zuora NYSE
11-Apr-2018 HSDT Helius Medical Technologies NASDAQ
10-Apr-2018 PGIM PGIM Ultra Short Bond Nav ARCA
10-Apr-2018 PULS Pgim Ultra Short Bond ETF ARCA
10-Apr-2018 RAAX Vaneck Vectors Real Asset Allocation Nav ARCA
10-Apr-2018 TIBR Tiberius Acquisition NASDAQ
10-Apr-2018 TIBRW Tiberius Acquisition Wts NASDAQ
10-Apr-2018 VETS Pacer Military Times Best Employers ETF NASDAQ
9-Apr-2018 BFST Business First Bancshares NASDAQ
9-Apr-2018 BHTG Biohitech Global NASDAQ
9-Apr-2018 PAVMZ Pavmed Series Z Wts NASDAQ
6-Apr-2018 CAI-A CAI International, Inc. 8.50% Series A Fixed-to-Floating Rate Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock NYSE
6-Apr-2018 IFRA US Infrastructure ETF BATS
5-Apr-2018 CMDY iShares Bloomberg Roll Select Commodity Strategy ETF ARCA
5-Apr-2018 LHC Leo Holdings NYSE
5-Apr-2018 LHC+ Leo Holdings Wts NYSE
5-Apr-2018 MSUS Lha Market State US Tactical ETF BATS
5-Apr-2018 QARP Xtrackers Russell 1000 US Qarp ETF ARCA
3-Apr-2018 ALL-G Allstate Corporation (The) Depositary Shares each representing a 1/1,000th interest in a share of Fixed Rate Noncumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series G NYSE
3-Apr-2018 FRLG Large Cap Growth Index-Linked Exchange Traded Notes due 2028 ARCA
3-Apr-2018 SPOT Spotify Tech SA NYSE
3-Apr-2018 WRB-E W.R. Berkley Corporation 5.70% Subordinated Debentures due 2058 NYSE
2-Apr-2018 MUFG Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group NYSE
29-Mar-2018 GNPX Genprex NASDAQ
29-Mar-2018 IBEX Ibex Holdings Common Shares NASDAQ
29-Mar-2018 IQ Iqiyi NASDAQ
29-Mar-2018 UMRX Unum Therapeutics NASDAQ
29-Mar-2018 VTSI Virtra NASDAQ
28-Mar-2018 BILI Bilibili Ads NASDAQ
28-Mar-2018 FIXX Homology Medicines NASDAQ
28-Mar-2018 KNG Cboe Vest S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Tgt ETF BATS
28-Mar-2018 ONE Onesmart Intl Education Group NYSE
28-Mar-2018 OPBK Op Bancorp NASDAQ
27-Mar-2018 GHG Greentree Hospitality Group Ads NYSE
27-Mar-2018 GUT^ Gabelli Util Trust Rts NYSE
27-Mar-2018 MXDE Nationwide Max Diversification Emer Markets Core Equity ETF ARCA
27-Mar-2018 PPTY US Diversified Real Estate ETF ARCA
26-Mar-2018 APO-B Apollo Global Management, LLC 6.375% Series B Preferred Shares NYSE
26-Mar-2018 GDL-C The GDL Fund Series C Cumulative Puttable and Callable Preferred Shares NYSE
26-Mar-2018 IECS iShares Evolved US Consumer Staples ETF BATS
26-Mar-2018 IEDI iShares Evolved US Discretionaly Spending ETF BATS
26-Mar-2018 IEFN iShares Evolved US Financials ETF BATS
26-Mar-2018 IEHS iShares Evolved US Health Care Staples ETF BATS
26-Mar-2018 IEIH iShares Evolved US Innovative Health Care ETF BATS
26-Mar-2018 IEME iShares Evolved US Media & Entertainment ETF BATS
26-Mar-2018 IETC iShares Evolved US Tech ETF BATS
26-Mar-2018 OPES Opes Acquisition NASDAQ
26-Mar-2018 OPESW Opes Acquisition Wts NASDAQ
26-Mar-2018 TSCAP Tristate Capital Holdings NASDAQ

New Option Listings

Listing Date Symbol Name Option Exchanges
20-Apr-2018 EOCC Enel Generacian Chile SA AMEX
19-Apr-2018 BXC Bluelinx Holdings AMEX
18-Apr-2018 INP iPath MSCI India Index ETN CBOE
13-Apr-2018 BBU Brookfield Business Partners CBOE, ELX, C2, BATS
13-Apr-2018 EYE National Vision Holdings CBOE, ELX, C2, PHLX, BATS
13-Apr-2018 INNT Innovate Biopharmaceuticals PHLX
13-Apr-2018 TNDM Tandem Diabetes Care GEM, ISE, PHLX
12-Apr-2018 ARKW Arkansas Web X 0 ETF ARCA
12-Apr-2018 PETQ Petiq AMEX
11-Apr-2018 INP iPath MSCI India Index ETN CBOE
6-Apr-2018 FSCT Forescout Technologies CBOE, ELX, C2, BATS
6-Apr-2018 LAND Gladstone Land Com CBOE, ELX, C2, BATS
6-Apr-2018 PAGS Pagseguro Digital CBOE, ELX, C2, BATS
5-Apr-2018 ASND Ascendis Pharma A/S American D AMEX, ARCA
5-Apr-2018 IQ Iqiyi CBOE, ELX, GEM, ISE, NSDQ, C2, PHLX, BATS
4-Apr-2018 BALB iPath Ser B Bloomberg Cotton Subindex Total Return CBOE, ELX, C2, BATS
4-Apr-2018 VLUE iShares Edge MSCI USA Value Factor ETF CBOE, ELX, C2, BATS
3-Apr-2018 MUFG Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group AMEX, BOX, CBOE, ELX, GEM, ISE, MIAX, ARCA, NSDQ, PHLX, BATS
3-Apr-2018 SIZE iShares MSCI USA Size Factor CBOE
29-Mar-2018 KNSL Kinsale Capital Group ARCA
26-Mar-2018 FNJN Finjan Holdings AMEX

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