About MarketChameleon.com

At MarketChameleon.com, we provide a unique on-line experience for investors and traders of both stocks and options. Our goal is to be the premier provider of options information, using both stock fundamentals data as well as options analytics to provide better insight for those who wish to make informed investment decisions.

Options are becoming the second largest market for investors. Options data and analytics such as option chains, greeks, open interest and sentiment triggers provide useful forward looking indicators for stock and options traders. They offer insights on upcoming profitable trading actions, particularly when combined with fundamentals such as earnings projections, dividend actions, etc. Despite its usefulness, readily available data is very difficult or expensive for individual investors and financial advisors to find without committing to a specific trading platform or brokerage service.

Unlike other data services which charge high fees for options information which is often difficult to interpret and require long-term subscriptions, MarketChameleon.com offers a lower cost, easy to use solution with minimal market delay (about 15 minutes). We combine both option analytics and stock fundamentals in the same easy to read displays, with both tabular and graphical views to provide swift, actionable trading insights.

For investors and analysts interested in building and performing their own customized data analysis, MarketChameleon.com provides premium subscribers a unique opportunity to download a wide variety of data into industry standard spreadsheets such as Excel, with a single click!

By registering for free, you can customize your MarketChameleon.com on-line experience with stock watchlists and receive free email updates or you can subscribe to one of our Premium plans which allows access to the insights that help you make informed, profitable trading decisions.

Our Background

Our experience in financial markets comes from our heritage in algorithm-based options trading on the floors of America's premier options exchanges. We feel that the importance and value of options extends beyond Wall Street, to individual investors and academics all over the world.

Our experience has shown that Options are valuable instruments because they:

  • Give a perspective on how the market expects a security's price to move in the future
  • Can be used to hedge market risk or as "insurance" against extreme price movement
  • Provide a means of generating income through option writing
  • Are often used as building blocks in the construction of trading and investment strategies
  • Gauge liquidity and uncertainty of underlying equities

We created MarketChameleon.com to offer tools and data that are often not readily available to individual investors or to advisors and research firms with limited resources. Our services offer these insights with a focus on the three major time horizons: Forward-Looking, Present, and Historical

Forward-Looking Tools and Data:

  • Implied Volatility
  • Risk Analysis
  • Order Sentiment Analysis
  • Put Protection
  • Dividend Forecasts
  • Earnings Forecasts
  • Corporate Events

Present Time-frame Tools and Data:

  • Intraday Market Data -- quotes and trades for market-traded securities and their options [15 minute delayed]
  • Our Home Feed of actively-updated market events
  • Full Option Chain with prices and volumes
  • Analysis of today's biggest movers
  • Volume Reports
  • New listings and notable news announcements
  • Press Releases from the world's largest companies

Historical Tools and Data:

  • Historical Volatilities dating back over 3 years
  • Historical Dividends and Stock Splits
  • Historical Earnings and their price effects
  • Equity Prices and Volumes dating back over 5 years

Please, take a look around, and don't hesitate to contact us with your feedback: support@marketchameleon.com.