About Us

Welcome to MarketChameleon.com!

We are excited to offer our visitors access to our platform of financial options markets analysis and information, and we're pleased that you're taking advantage of the opportunity to browse our site.

Our background is in algorithm-based options trading on the floors of America's premier options exchanges, but we feel that the importance and value of options extend beyond the trading floors of Wall Street to individual investors and academics all over the world.

Options are valuable instruments because they:

  • can be used to hedge market risk
  • can give a perspective on how the market expects a security's price to move in the future
  • can be used to generate income through option writing
  • can be used as building blocks in the construction of trading and investment strategies
  • gauge liquidity
  • gauge uncertainty
  • and provide thousands of additional opportunities for investors to remain active in the market

But until now, the best options analysis and information has been scattered among several sources or in some cases, simply not available. We created MarketChameleon to provide users a fully-integrated suite of powerful analytical tools and detailed information - all in one place.

MarketChameleon offers tools and data that fall broadly into three categories: Forward-Looking, Present, and Historical

Forward-Looking Tools and Data:

  • Implied Volatility
  • Risk Analysis
  • Put Protection
  • Dividend Forecasts
  • Earnings Forecasts
  • Corporate Events

Present Time-frame Tools and Data:

  • Intraday Market Data -- quotes and trades for market-traded securities and their options [15 minute delayed]
  • Our Home Feed of actively-updated market events
  • Full Option Chain with prices and volumes
  • Analysis of today's biggest movers
  • Volume Reports
  • New listings and notable news announcements
  • Press Releases from the world's largest companies

Historical Tools and Data:

  • Historical Volatilities dating back over 3 years
  • Historical Dividends and Stock Splits
  • Historical Earnings and their price effects
  • Equity Prices and Volumes dating back over 5 years

Please, take a look around, and don't hesitate to contact us with your feedback: support@marketchameleon.com.