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Helps you Quickly find covered calls with the most Profit Potential
Generate serious side income from the stocks that you already own... like a PRO!
Let Me Tell You How Smart Investors
Just Like You
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Are Currently Using Options to Generate Monthly Income with Covered Calls!
But first, Here's Some Helpful Things To Know...

The covered call strategy is a conservative approach to making monthly income, and simple to execute.

Pros often sell options to others to make a nice income stream. And we're here to show you how the Pros think and make it easier for you to do the same.

Do you already buy and hold stock? Great! You can sell covered calls against your stock and bank the extra income. And we will show you how covered calls have historically performed vs your buy and hold strategy.

And while this strategy works great at generating additional income from stocks you’re long on...

let’s not pretend it can’t be a total pain!

After all, it takes serious time and energy scouring charts and organizing a spreadsheet to ensure you’re writing the best, most profitable calls... does it not?

For you to be able to...
  • ✔ Scan the entire options market in seconds...
  • ✔ Save time and money searching for opportunities...
  • Actually make some passive money and play a round of golf...
You Need to Start Using A Covered Call Screener!

If you aren’t earning a profit on your stock shares, then you aren't maximizing you're income potential!

The truth is, you can sell options against your stock - AND actually make a STEADY INCOME

...if it’s done the right way.

So Here's The Critical Question...
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If you knew HOW to find these types of opportunities...
...How Often Would You Do That Trade?
All the time, right?

But the Problem is...
How do You Know Which Covered Call is the BEST?
And How Do You Do It Without:
  • ✔ Hiring expensive financial advisers...
  • ✔ Cross referencing 5+ systems...
  • ✔ Hiring expensive quantitative analysts...
  • ✔ Or spending a fortune...
Just To Find The Best Covered Call For One Stock?
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If you've ever attempted to do the research yourself, you are well aware of the complexities in bringing together dozens of different pieces of software just to create a simple search on one stock
Are you FRUSTRATED with the extensive time and effort it sometimes takes to implement a successful covered call strategy?
Are you a bit INTIMIDATED by how COMPLICATED the process can be?
You know what I'm talking about.
You want to find the best trade and You're Stuck...
Things that you think should be SO simple....things that should only take a few seconds...
Somehow become hours and then days of research.
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With each passing hour, your trade opportunities pass you by
Empty turned out pockets
Money wasted...time wasted...with little or nothing to show for it.
And This Is Where Most Traders Give Up...
Somewhere between searching for trade ideas and scanning the market to find that trade opportunity.
This Is The #1 Reason Why So Many Traders QUIT...
They either don't have the right tools available to find the best trades
Or they simply don't have enough time to scan the entire market at all.
Do you wish there was a SIMPLIER and more TIME EFFICIENT way to Effortlessly and Consistently do more SUCCESFUL covered call option trades?
I Want To Introduce You To...
Yes, MarketChameleon Was Created So that Traders Like You...
...Can trade like a Pro and Trade to Win
Smart traders are already utilizing this Screener to increase their odds of successful. DONT MISS OUT!

The Only Question Is...

Are YOU Next?

Let Me Show You The SIMPLICITY Of How MarketChameleon Works...

Yes, scanning the entire market for the best cover call opportunties would have taken days to do...And now You can do it in SECONDS!

Would you rather GET PROFITABLE TRADING OPPORTUNTIES INSTANTLY or spend your time laboring with tedious research, sifting through endless data and analyzing individual symbols? TIME IS MONEY!

  • Our screener takes care of the TEDIUS, COMPLEX, BULKY RESEARCH WORK, so you can FOCUS ON MAKING MONEY.
  • Easily Create and Save customized screens based on your trade preferences and receive ongoing new profitable opportunities.
  • Trading parameters and preferences once set by the call screener, will instantly display the best likely candidates, allowing you to quickly review and analyze possible buy-write combinations of underlying symbols, strike prices, and expiration dates on offer
  • Instantly Screen thousands of covered calls to ensure you’re not missing out on the best trading opportunities.
  • Use our covered call screener to Save Time, Minimize Risk and Maximize Returns.
  • Back Test to INSTANTLY Evaluate Profit Potential and SUCCESS PROBABILITY.
  • Compare the Success of covered call strategies vs stock only strategies to determine which brings better results in the long run.
Yes, MarketChameleon Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Find The Best Covered Calls Online...
All In One Convenient Spot...
It's like taking a huge chest of different trading tools...and having ONE screener that does ALL the stuff all the other tools did, but for a fraction of the cost!
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You seriously can't miss out on this.
Unless your trading is where you want it to be and you're able to find all your ideas and quickly turn them into profitable trades...
Then I want you to sign up for a FREE 1-week trial today, and see for yourself how simple it is to find trading ideas that are profitable...even if you're no good at trading or you've never done option trading research yourself!
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