Bull (Short) Put Spread Screener


Bull (Short) Put Spreads involve buying put options for an expiration of a particular underlying asset at one particular strike price and selling the same number of put options for that same expiration at a higher strike price. Because you are selling options at a higher premium than you are buying, this strategy results in a net premium for the investor at the time of the trade.

Use the Filter choices to narrow your search by Expiration Date, Spread Between Strikes, Moneyness range, Earnings Date, Ex-dividend Date, etc. View filtered results in the Summary tab which include key statistics on the spread. The Earnings & Dividends as well as Volatility tabs show additional data related to each spread, including Next Dividend Ex-Date, Earnings Date, and both Implied and Historical Volatility. Sort the tables by clicking on column headings. Click on the icons in the Symbols column to view more information on the specific stock. Use the Search box to find a particular symbol.

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Spread Underlying

4 Days to Exp (4 Trading Days)

% Return if Unch at Exp In Watchlist Stock Price
Spread Between Strikes Cushion To Breakeven In ETF % From 52-Wk Low
Moneyness Earnings Date Market Cap % From 52-Wk High
Option Order Flow Sentiment Ex-Dividend Stock Type Avg Stock Volume
Delta Sector Avg Opt Volume

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Symbol Name Credit Max Loss Credit/$Spread Ratio Stock Price BreakEven Downside Cushion to Breakeven Return If Stock Unch at Exp
The % return for a credit spread is calculated by the return of credit spread divided by max loss.
Long Put Delta Long Put Strike Put Bid Put Ask Short Put Strike Short Put Delta Put Bid Put Ask Market Cap Next Div Ex Date Next Div Amt Next Earnings Implied Vol Long Implied Vol Short HV 20 Day HV 252 Day Delta As Of Time Option Order Flow Holding Period Days Holding Period Count (2 Years) % Positive
Holding Period Avg. Return Holding Period Median Return Holding Period Avg. Positive Return Holding Period Avg. Negative Return % Payoff Stock Unchanged % Payoff Stock at Avg. Return % Payoff Stock at Avg. Positive Return % Payoff Stock at Avg. Negative Return Expiration Spread Between Strikes Break Even % To Short Put InWatchlist

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