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Aluminum Corporation Of China Limited is a state-owned, multinational aluminium company headquartered in Beijing, People's Republic of China. The company is principally engaged in the extraction of aluminium oxide, electrolyzation of virgin aluminium and the processing and production of aluminium as well as engineering and technical services. The company has a number of distinct business segments including alumina refining, primary aluminum smelting, and energy. The alumina refining segment consists of mining and purchasing bauxite, refining bauxite into alumina, and production and sales of alumina chemicals and metal gallium The aluminum smelting segment smelts alumina to produce primary aluminum and also produces carbon products, aluminum alloy products, and other aluminum products. The energy segment produces coal, generates electricity from coal, develops wind and solar power, manufactures new energy equipment, and integrates coal electricity generation with aluminum operations
Primary Exchange: NYSE
SIC Primary Production of Aluminum