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Airgain is a leading provider of embedded antenna technologies used to enable high performance wireless networking across a broad range of home, enterprise, and industrial devices. Its antenna systems open up new possibilities in wireless services requiring high speed throughput, broad coverage footprint, and carrier grade quality. Its antennas are found in devices deployed in carrier, enterprise, and residential wireless networks and systems, including set top boxes, access points, routers, gateways, media adapters, digital televisions and Internet of things (IOT) devices. Airgain partners with and supplies the largest blue chip brands in the world, including original equipment and design manufacturers, chipset makers and global operators. Airgain is headquartered in San Diego, California, and maintains design and test centers in San Diego, Cambridge, UK, Taipei, Taiwan, and Suzhou, China.
Primary Exchange: NASDAQ
SIC Radio & TV Broadcasting & Communications Equipment
NAICS Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing

AIRG is a Holding In These ETFs:

ETF Ticker ETF Name Net Assets Net Assets Raw # Holdings # Holdings Raw Weight Weight Raw Market Value Market Value Raw
URTY ProShares UltraPro Russell2000 88.5 M 8.84982E+07 2,001 2001 0.0% 1.14556E-05 3 K 3211
UWM ProShares Ultra Russell2000 210.1 M 2.10099E+08 2,001 2001 0.0% 1.95147E-05 8 K 8494
VTWG Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth ETF 342.7 M 3.427E+08 1,175 1175 0.01% 8.50209E-05 30 K 30144
VTWO Vanguard Russell 2000 ETF 1.6 B 1.6E+09 2,002 2002 0.0% 4.39288E-05 72 K 71920
ITOT iShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market ETF 25.6 B 2.55815E+10 3,672 3672 0.0% 0 339 K 338826
IWC iShares Microcap ETF 862.4 M 8.62449E+08 1,390 1390 0.03% 0.0003 224 K 223977
IWM iShares Russell 2000 ETF 46.2 B 4.61741E+10 1,990 1990 0.0% 0 2.0 M 2021980
IWO iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF 9.9 B 9.91779E+09 1,166 1166 0.01% 0.0001 850 K 849528