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About this Session Summary

This page provides a summary of the volume and price action of a particular stock, with a focus on how it performed across different trading sessions. The page breaks down the trading day into five sessions: premarket, open auction, regular trading session, closing auction, and after-hours.

By analyzing how the stock price and volume progressed throughout these different trading sessions, investors can gain valuable insights into the behavior of different types of traders. For example, certain sessions may have mostly active traders (self-directed), while others may have mostly passive investors. Understanding the volume and trader cohort trading during each session can help investors make more informed decisions about the stock.

The webpage provides a range of metrics to help investors evaluate the stock's performance during each trading session. These metrics include the opening and closing prices, the highest and lowest prices, VWAP prices by session and the relative volume traded during each session. By comparing these metrics across different sessions, investors can identify trends and patterns in the stock's behavior throughout the day.

Summary VWAP by Trading Session for APVO


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Trading Session Statistics [All Exchange Types] For 29-Sep-2023 20-Day Average
Session # Trades Volume VWAP Today's
Avg Daily
Premarket 5 361 0.33 0.1 x 2,950
Open Cross 1 105 0.31 0.1 x 1,685
Regular Hours 33 6,976 0.33 0.1 x 112 K
Close Cross - - - - 2,837
After Hours - - - - 3,573
Stock Performance by Trading Session
Trading Session Volume Relative to Daily Average