About ARDC

Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation Fund, Inc.'s (the "Fund" or "ARDC") investment objective is to provide an attractive level of total return, primarily through current income and, secondarily, through capital appreciation. The Fund invests primarily in a broad, dynamically managed portfolio of (i) secured loans ("Senior Loans") made primarily to companies whose debt is rated below investment grade; (ii) corporate bonds ("Corporate Bonds") that are primarily high yield issues rated below investment grade; and (iii) investment grade debt securities of collateralized loan obligations ("CLOs"). The Fund utilizes leverage as part of its investment strategy and may incur leverage in an aggregate amount of up to 33 1/3% of the Fund's Managed Assets by borrowing under a credit facility. Ares Capital Management II LLC, the Fund's investment adviser (the "Adviser"), is an affiliate of Ares Management LLC ("Ares"). The Adviser will seek to implement the Fund's investment strategy through the application of several techniques, including: (i) investing in a diversified portfolio of loans and other debt investments across a broad range of industries with varying characteristics and return profiles; (ii) adhering to the established credit underwriting processes of Ares Management LLC, an affiliate of the Adviser, and doing substantial pre-investment credit analysis, utilizing publicly available credit and industry information as well as other information about the borrowers and issuers; (iii) monitoring the credit quality of the obligors in the Fund's investments and, as appropriate, on a risk adjusted return basis, selling investments in underperforming issuers; and (iv) holding cash and engaging in derivative credit and interest rate hedges. The Adviser will allocate the Fund's portfolio dynamically among investments in the various targeted credit markets to seek to manage interest rate and credit risk and the duration of the Fund's portfolio.
Primary Exchange: NYSE
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