About BBDO

With a broad social and educational program in place for 58 years, Fundacao Bradesco operates 40 schools across Brazil. In 2015, an estimated R$537.311 million budget will benefit approximately 101,609 students enrolled in its schools in the following levels: basic education (from kindergarten to high school and higher secondary technical-professional education), youth and adult education; and preliminary and continuing vocational training, which focuses on creating jobs and income. In addition to being guaranteed free quality education, the approximately 44 thousand students enrolled in the Basic Education system also receive uniforms, school supplies, meals, and medical and dental assistance. With regard to the distance learning system (EaD), it is estimated that 380 thousand students will benefit from it, through its e-learning portal Escola Virtual (Virtual School). These students will conclude, at least, one of the various courses offered in its schedule, and another 17 thousand students will benefit from projects and initiatives carried out in partnership with Centers for Digital Inclusion (CDIs), the Educa+Acao Program, and from Technology courses (Educar e Aprender - Educating and Learning).
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