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The Fund is designed to invest at least 90% of its assets in income producing common stocks, preferred stocks, convertible preferred stocks and debt securities issued by real estate companies, with at least 80% of its total assets invested in income producing equity securities issued by REITs. In managing the JRS portfolio, Security Capital seeks to maintain significant property type and geographic diversification while taking into account company credit quality, sector and security-type allocations. Investment decisions are based on a multi-layered analysis of the company, the real estate it owns, its management and the relative price of the security, with a focus on securities that the fund believes will be best positioned to generate sustainable income and potential price appreciation over the long-run. In addition to fundamental security research, the proportion of the Fund invested in common equity versus preferred, fixed income and cash investments is a key tactic the fund use to manage risk at a portfolio level. In general, in times of strong economic growth the fund tilts the portfolio towards more ownership of equity. In highly uncertain times, the fund tends to favor more allocation toward senior securities.
Primary Exchange: NYSE
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