Widgets are web-based building blocks that display data from Market Chameleon on another web site. Widgets can be easily integrated into virtually any web site by adding a couple lines of code! Users benefit from access to Market Chameleon's wealth of data without having to navigate to Market Chameleon's web site.

Key Points about widgets:

  • Easy to integrate with virtually any web site
  • Display information from Market Chameleon on your web site
  • Implemented to loadwith minimal performance impact on host web page.
  • Reside within <iframe> tags in host web page for maximum security.
  • No sign-ups or permissioning
  • Offered free of charge

Available Widgets:

Full Page Earnings Calendar

The Full Page Earnings Calendar Widget is virtually identical to the Earnings Calendar page which appears prominently on Market Chameleon's web site under the "Calendars" menu.


<script async src='https://marketchameleon.com/Widget?height=800&width=1000&wtype=ecfull'></script>