Unusual Daily Option Trading Spikes (Relative to 90-Day Average)


Display a list of option-offering stocks, with call and put option volume comparisons relative to 90-day averages, or with high relative volume for the current trading session.

High option volumes provide clues as to investor interest or sentiment. Symbols with high volumes relative to recent historical averages indicate unusual investor activity, backed up with a commitment to trade based on their sentiment. When compared with specific put and call volumes on a given trading day, they provide valuable insights as to how the market perceives a price movement and may reflect a bullish or bearish indicator.

Use the menu to choose "Volumes" for a complete report based on all option volumes for an underlying security, or "High Call or Put Volume" for a list of securities with the largest call and put volumes relative to total volume, for the most recent trading session. A synopsis of option volumes trends is presented in both graphical and summary form at the bottom of the Volumes menu tab.

Sort the tables by clicking on specific column headings. For example, click on the Call Volume column to rank symbols from low to high (click again for high to low), and evaluate possible comparisons to Relative Volume to 90-Day for a list of specific equities. Click on the icons in the Symbols column to view more information on the specific stock.

To learn more about Options and Option Volume, click here.

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