How to set up a stock watchlist in marketchameleon

How to set up a stock watchlist with marketchameleoen


We go over examples how to set up a watchlist.


How do you use a stock watchlist?


Traders can set up a watchlist to serve different purposes. Some use cases for market chameleon are listed below


1. Closely monitor a group of stocks that you know really well.


Some traders prefer to only trade and research potential trade opportunities for stocks that they are already comfortable. If, for example, you are familiar with certain stocks such as AAPL, NFLX, AMZN and you follow their business, financials, news, volatility etc... You can use your watchlist to screen for covered calls, credit put spread, or other trade opportunities just using these symbols. This allows you to filter out other companies that you are not interested to trade and concentrate on your favorite companies.


2. Create a group of stocks that you feel have real future potential and you want to keep an eye on.


Lets assume you had a good idea how to create a group of stocks based on certain criteria that you believe can outperform the market. For example, you researched best 10 stocks for artificial intelligence, 10 best stocks that manage big data etc... You can create a watchlist to closely monitor the performance, news, earnings of these companies over time. This allows you to test if your stock selecting criteria has flaws, strengths, what is working and what is not working.


3. Create categories based on sector or industry.


Lets assume you want to create lists of companies in certain fields such as electric vehicles, plant based meats, blockchain technology. You can make your own index of stocks and categories and monitor the performance of the group.