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Stock Price
Open: 1.36
Prev. Close: 1.34
Low/Hi: 1.31 - 1.37
52-Week: 1.32 - 2.33
Equity: 24,719
90-Day Avg: 40,313
Todays Stock Vol: 42.2
20-Day (HV): 55.4
52-Week (HV): 45.8
Div. Yield:
Earnings: 14-May (Est.)
P/E Ratio:
Market Cap: 13.7 M
Short Int Pct: 0.0%
Pct Held By Inst.: 7.4%
Stock Info
Type: Common
Sector: Services
Industry: Electronics Wholesale

AEY Symbol Review Report

Report Date: 16-Feb-2018

Price Performance:

On the day, AEY has moved +1.5%, while SPY has moved 0.0%.

Over the last two weeks, AEY has moved -8.7%, and SPY has moved -0.9%.


AEY's stock volume on the day is 24,719, which is 0.6x relative to the 90-day average of 40,313

SPY's relative volume on the day is 1.7x, trading 152,272,279 shares against an average of 90,431,949 for the last 90 days.


The current 1-Day OHLC Volatility for AEY is 42.2 for the day. The 20-day average is 51.7, and the 52-week average is 40.4.

The 1-Day OHLC Volatility for SPY is 15.3, while the average over the last 20 days is 13.8, and for the last 52 weeks is 6.9.

Upcoming Dividend:

The next dividend for AEY has not yet been announced. Its indicative dividend yield going forward is 0.00%.

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