About AGE

AgeX Therapeutics, Inc. (NYSE:AGE) is focused on developing and commercializing innovative therapeutics for human aging. Its PureStem and UniverCyte manufacturing and immunotolerance technologies are designed to work together to generate highly defined, universal, allogeneic, off-the-shelf pluripotent stem cell-derived young cells of any type for application in a variety of diseases with a high unmet medical need. AgeX has two preclinical cell therapy programs: AGEX-VASC1 (vascular progenitor cells) for tissue ischemia and AGEX-BAT1 (brown fat cells) for Type II diabetes. AgeX's revolutionary longevity platform induced Tissue Regeneration (iTR) aims to unlock cellular immortality and regenerative capacity to reverse age-related changes within tissues. AGEX-iTR1547 is an iTR-based formulation in preclinical development. HyStem is AgeX's delivery technology to stably engraft PureStem cell therapies in the body. AgeX is developing its core product pipeline for use in the clinic to extend human healthspan, and is seeking opportunities to establish licensing and collaboration arrangements around its broad IP estate and proprietary technology platforms
Primary Exchange: AMEX
SIC Pharmaceutical Preparations
NAICS Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing

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ETF Ticker ETF Name Net Assets Net Assets Raw # Holdings # Holdings Raw Weight Weight Raw Market Value Market Value Raw
URTY ProShares UltraPro Russell2000 97.1 M 9.705E+07 1,992 1992 0.0% 3.44504E-06 1 K 1059
UWM ProShares Ultra Russell2000 191.6 M 1.91595E+08 1,991 1991 0.0% 5.14034E-06 2 K 2122
ITOT iShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market ETF 24.3 B 2.43148E+10 3,553 3553 0.0% 0 7 K 6682
IWC iShares Microcap ETF 831.4 M 8.31356E+08 1,383 1383 0.01% 0.0001 66 K 65923
IWM iShares Russell 2000 ETF 46.1 B 4.60786E+10 1,981 1981 0.0% 0 596 K 596284
IWO iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF 9.4 B 9.3834E+09 1,154 1154 0.0% 0 239 K 238660
IWV iShares Russell 3000 ETF 9.9 B 9.87999E+09 2,886 2886 0.0% 0 3 K 2849