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Largest Positive Opening Gaps for ALLG+

How does ALLG+ usually behave after a large gap-up move?

Using the 12 largest gap-up moves over the last 3 years in ALLG+ stock, the average move was +27.5% with the single largest opening gap of +55.9% occurring on 10-Nov-2022. Following the opening, ALLG+ tended to drift lower to the closing price 67% of the time for an average loss of -6.3%. The following day, ALLG+ stock price averaged -1.2% losses, with up moves and down moves occurring equally.


1 of ALLG+'s 12 largest moves corresponded with a large gap up in the overall market.

Open-to-High and Open-to-Low

The largest percentage gain from the open to the high of the day was +76.0% on 23-Mar-2022, while the biggest drop from the open to the low was -43.5% on 27-Mar-2023. On average, the ALLG+ stock price gain from the opening price to the highest point of the day was +6.1%, and the average drop to the lowest point was -21.1%.

Day Drift Open-to-Close

The best performance in ALLG+ stock price from opening price to closing price (referred to as the "drift" for the day) was on 23-Mar-2022 for a +71.9% gain after the stock gapped up +17.1% at the open. The worst worst return from the opening price to the closing price was on 27-Mar-2023 when the stock lost -43.5% after the stock gapped up +31.1%. Overall in the 12 available observations, the stock drifted lower 67% of the time for an average loss of -6.3%.